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The Weekly Drop is a great resource for people who want to keep their finger on the pulse of the Drupal community in the form of a well-produced email newsletter delivered once-a-week.

Mike Anello Drupal Developer, Trainer and DrupalEasy

I'm really enjoying the Weekly Drop, it makes me feel up to date with the Drupal world without spending an entire day reading the Planet. :)

Chris Shattuck Drupal trainer, Developer and

@TheWeeklyDrop Thanks for making it easier to follow interesting Drupal news. (via: Twitter)

Johan Falk Drupal trainer and Developer from NodeOne

If you do anything with Drupal and aren't already subscribed to @TheWeeklyDrop you are really missing out. (via: Twitter

Mark Ferree Drupal Developer

Really enjoying the @TheWeeklyDrop. Easy to keep tabs on the Drupalverse. It's great. If you don't subscribe and you do #drupal, sign up! (via: Twitter)

Justin Emond Drupal Consultant, Author, Droptor, and Droptopia

Only three issues in and I've already gotten more value from @TheWeeklyDrop then the past year of my own Drupal searching. #convenient (via: twitter)

Alex Kang Drupal Themer

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