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Issue 176 - February, 12th 2015


DrupalCon Latin America 2015

DrupalCon Latin America 2015 starts on the 10th of February and runs through the 12th. If like me, you can't attend then you will want to check out the site for session videos. It is very likely that I will pick some sessions to feature in next week's issue.

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Guide to Drupal 8 at Drupalcon Bogotá

Drupalcon LA 2015 - Get Involved with the Coding and Development Track


Gettin’ Twiggy with It

Learn about Twig with Morten DK in this Drupal Watchdog article.

Testing Frameworks - an Exploration

A walk through of an automated testing setup, using Behat, Mink and Selenium from the Code Enigma blog.

Drupal 8

Drupal Core Updates for Feb 4, 2015

Bugs are being squashed and the graph for critical issues is going down to the right. this is a good thing!

Panels, Blocks, Layouts and Drupal 8

If you use Panels, Context or Blocks and plan to use Drupal 8 you should read this. I think that covers everyone right?

Drupal8 Classy Themes Template File Organization

"...the banana is moving forward." ~ MortenDK. Some of you will get this reference.

Princeton Critical Sprint Recap

What We Learned by Building Our New Company Site in Drupal 8

Learn how and why Merge decided to redesign their site on Drupal 8. I think building your personal or company site is a great idea of Drupal shops.


30 Minutes and It's Free

If you don't know about you're welcome. In a nutshell, Patrick Drotleff's service allows you to spin up a Drupal site on the web that you can test with for 30 minutes. Oh, and it's free. Emma Jane Westby tells us more in the Drupal Watchdog post.

Removing Duplicate Content Across Multiple Drupal Views

Have you ever had two views returning duplicate content on the same page? Take a look at this very handy tutorial with an example module from Joel Steidl.

Using Drush Automatically with Grunt

Take your drush-fu to the next level and let grunt do the legwork.


Add Images to Field Groups with the Field Group Image Drupal Module

Check out this new module from Monarch Digital. I was just needing a module that does this the other day.

Control Breadcrumbs Using Path Breadcrumbs in Drupal 7

Ivan Zugec shows us how to set up the Path Breadcrumbs module. Another top notch tutorial from Webwash.

Improving Drupal Administration Menu with Better Admin Menu

A new module sandbox module that switches your admin menu on mobile devices.


Bueditor 8.x-1.0-Beta2

Ckeditor_Insert 7.x-1.0-Rc1

Cm 7.x-1.17

Composer 8.x-1.1

Entity_Legal 7.x-1.3

GD_React 7.x-1.x-Dev

Gmap 7.x-2.10-Rc3

Migrate 7.x-2.7

Migrate_D2D 7.x-2.1

Ngapp 7.x-1.3

Personalize 7.x-1.0-Rc5

Site_Audit 7.x-1.13


Introducing the Mediacurrent Dropcast!

Last week some of my teammates at Mediacurrent and I started a brand new podcast. We discuss a handful of stories from TheWeeklyDrop and other Drupal news. It's a lot of fun to record and hope you will all check it out.

Digital Government Services and Drupal – Meet Ian Read - Acquia Podcast

Drupaleasy Podcast 144: Ted Blocks Dancing Sharks (Flag Module in D8 - Tess Flynn)


All the Sprints at and Around Drupal Dev Days Montpellier France

April 13th - 19th at Drupal Dev Days Montpellier France or online.

All the Sprints at and Around Drupalcon Los Angeles

May 9th - 17th at DrupalCon LA or online.

All the Sprints at and Around Drupalcon Barcelona

September 19th - 27th at DrupalCon Barcelona or online.


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