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The Future Of Views - Tim Plunkett - DrupalCon Portland 2013

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Session: The Future Of Views

Day - Time Slot: Tuesday, May 21 - 09:00am–10:00am

Presenter: Tim Plunkett

Twitter: timplunkett tim.plunkett

No video for this session but there is audio

session page

History of Views

CMI and New Modules

  • Views is first to use new plugin system. All of Drupal 8 uses this same plugin system.
  • No more Features module. All views go to disk thanks to Config Management Initiative(CMI)
  • Views are exported as YAML not a php file thanks to CMI
  • VBO is in core(no batch support)
  • Entity Reference module is in core
  • JSON views supported in core
  • Full revision support in Views
  • You can add fields to blocks(Just a FYI, not related to Views)

Everything is a View… Well, Not Yet

  • River of news is a view
  • Content overview page is a view
  • Many more to come.


  • Views uses TWIG templates!
  • No more divatitis (Morton loves you!)
  • TWIG is still a work in progress

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