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Driesnote (Keynote) - Dries Buytaert - DrupalCon Portland 2013

Check out the DrupalCon Portland notes hub page for notes from other sessions at DrupalCon Portland.

Keynote: Driesnote

Presenter: Dries Buytaert

Day - Time Slot: Tuesday, May 21 - 11:30am–12:45pm

Twitter: dries dries
Slides: Coming soon

Session page


Before the talk it was announced that this is the largest Drupal event ever with 3300 attendees. There are a ton of people here.


  • Organizations that have adopted Drupal and are presenting at DrupalCon Whitehouse, NBC, and Stanford.

Do Well, Do Good

  • Not only are we providing for our families we are helping make the world a better place.
  • 100 Nations have adopted Drupal
  • The Whitehouse team contributed the work they completed on building
  • The “We the People Project” - A civic engagement project.
  • Read only API was developed at a hackathon.
  • Write API being developed now.


  • It’s not just about publishing any more
  • Digital is at the heart of every business. Could Drupal be at the heart of every business?


  • All about context
  • Give people the the right content at the right time at the right place.
  • Amazon: Winning because they have put digital at the core of their business.
  • Netflix: Winning because of recommendations(Context)
  • Iceland Air: Pre-fill forms based on context from search and location
  • Continental Airlines: No context
  • Context = Engagement or a great experience
  • Types of context: location, temp, device, intent, and past behavior.

Drupal and Context?

  • Dries talked about how doesn’t offer context to visitors.
  • Dries addressed privacy concerns and cookie managers as the solution.

How Do We Do It?

  • User multiple tools for context(third party tools).
  • What kind of tools? SEO, email campaigns, mobile, social media.
  • Personalization, marking automation, segmentation(is this visitor a developer, business owner, or something else)?
  • Most marketers do not want context tools included into their CMS. But they do want it to be connected to their CMS.
  • 33% said they want RWD to be the ONE feature added to their CMS.
  • 43% said ease of use and content authoring experience matter.

What people want

  1. Integration
  2. Mobile
  3. Ease of Use
  4. There are a bunch of buzzwords for WEM(web experience management). One is just digital.
  5. Not just about managing content anymore. Managing experience for users using different tools
  6. Products built with Drupal for WEM, RedHen, Kickstart an other Drupal distributions
  7. Integrations are needed and exist already. Examples: MailChimp, Salesforce and many more.
  8. But integrations need to be more complete and easier to use.

We’re Working on Drupal 8

There was a short video demonstrating the new features in Drupal 8. It’s an impressive video and you should totally watch it. At the time I’m writing this it has not been published publicly.

Video Summary

I have heard some criticism about this video. In a nut the criticisms are that some of these features already existed and the demo did not show the best use case for some of these features. Multi-lingual drag-n-drop specifically.

  • New Installer
    • New editing experience
    • New layout
    • WYSIWG
    • Drag n Drop Images into posts
    • Copy paste from Word
    • True previews
    • In-place editor, entities, blocks, and views
    • Everything works on Mobile
  • Multi-lingual
    • UI for translation
    • new toolbar knows if the language is right-to-left or not
    • Translate blocks
    • Configure blocks on shown only in certain languages
    • 13 modules were turned into 3 lang modules in core
  • Views
  • Customize it all!
  • Web Service
  • Publish as JSON or XML
  • Views are exportable with REST display
  • REST API goes both ways. You can edit on a mobile app
  • Config Manage now in YAML
  • Config stored in code not the database
  • Use Git to manage your config! Finally.
  • Responsive Toolbar
  • Navigation menu is responsive
  • Views responsive tables
  • Preview in different devices from Drupal. No extra software required. You can see what your page would look like on different devices

Release Date

  • Feature Freeze Feb 18
  • Code Freeze July 1 2013
  • First Alpha released May 20, 2013
  • Drupal 8 will be released sometime in 2014

How Drupal 8 addressed what people want

  • Web services
  • mobile improvements
  • new block system
  • Multi-lingual
  • Improved authoring experience
  • Other Companies are building closed systems(Mentioned several big players in the CMS world)
  • Drupal can do this in a open, flexible, and free way.


  • We(Drupal) can build the future of the web together
  • Our customers will what these things
  • End users will build digital businesses
  • We can do well and do good.


Q: Will there be changes to release cycle for Drupal 9?

A: Changes may need to be made. We need to do a better job with backwards compatibility. Modules could work for two version of Drupal. This is open for discussion.

Q: Will the releases time frame change?

A: Backwards compatibility will speed releases. Shorter cycles encourages more contributions from Drupal community to core.

Q: How do you think about Drupal from a perspective of others and not Acquia.

A: Basically he said yes. He thinks in that way and listens to the community.

Mike Anello of asked five questions.

  1. Dev environment: Mac, VI,
  2. Favorite Drupal Speaker: Robert Douglas and JAM
  3. Next DrupalCon: Somewhere warm
  4. Someone to keep an eye on: Lilly Byron’s(Angela Byron’s daughter)
  5. Feature you would add to core if you could snap your finger: Really good media management.

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Published by Bob Kepford

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