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Issue 99 August 15, 2013


Drupal 7.23

A non-security release with bug fixes and small API/feature improvements.

Funding My Work on Drupal 8

Drupal 8 core maintainer Alex Pott quit his job to work on Drupal 8 full time in March. This week he set up a Gittip account in the hopes that he can continue working on core full time. Please consider paying this man to continue working on Drupal 8 full time.

Wanted: Drupal Business Community Manager

The Drupal Association is looking for a Drupal Business Community Manager.


New Option For Funding Drupal Contributors: Gittip

Apparently this week the Drupal community discovered Gittip. Greg Knaddison explains it in this post and why it’s a great idea. I hope a lot of you create accounts and start supporting people that are making cool stuff.

Android from a Drupal Perspective

Andrew Berry discusses his experiences learning Android development on the Lullabot blog.

The Drupal Way™

In Jeff Geerling’s thoughtful article he explains the causes of many of the negative perceptions about Drupal.

Sass Breakpoint Mixin Meets Internet Explorer 8

My collegue at Mediacurrent Kendall Totten shares a cool Sass mixin trick using Breakpoint mixin. Be sure and check this out if you sling the Sass from time to time.

Drupal 8

Triaging Drupal 8

Xjm gives us an update on where the Drupal 8 is and ways we can help move it along. There are quite a few none code related tasks that need work like writing change notifications, update issue summaries, identifying API changes, and de-prioritizing less important issues.

Join The Extended Drupal 8 Sprints In Prague From Sept 21st to 29th!


Insert A Form Into A Pop-up Modal With CTools and Drupal 7

In this tutorial from Deeson Online you will learn how to insert a form into a popup modal.

Drupal Meets Sass: Getting Started With Aurora (Part 3)

Mike Crittenden continues his series on the Phase2 blog.

How to Embed Videos using Video Embed Field Module in Drupal 7

Another quality tutorial from Web Wash.

How to Embed Videos using Video Filter in Drupal 7

Drupal Tutorials: Exposed Filters with Views

A short beginner friendly tutorial from Bryan Braun.


Create Your Perfect Schedule At DrupalCon Prague - Including BOFs!

If you are attending DrupalCon Prague go make your own schedule.



A cool vagrant based project that popped up on the Drupa sub Reddit this week. Instantdrupal lets you spin up a Drupal VM server with Vagrant and Virtual box so you can keep your local system pristine. Looks interesting.

An Open Source App For DrupalCamps

Kristof De Jaeger, Tim Leytens, and Leen are developing native mobile apps for use by Drupal camps. This = Awesome. You can check out their code on Github.


Drupal 8: What You Need To Know

Angela Byron’s talk from Drupal Developer Days Barcelona.

Introducing The Drupal 8 Configuration Management System

I’ve been digging into the Drupal 8 lately and one of the HUGE improvements is the new configuration management system. Greg Dunlap’s talk on this subject from Drupal Developer Days Barcelona is a great primer.


DrupalCon Prague - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Brian Lewis has been doing a great job interviewing different people about DrupalCon Prague so be sure and check out his series of podcasts.

Alex Pott and Working on Drupal Core - Podcast

Alex Pott discusses Drupal 8 core maintainer-ship and his funding experiment.


Media 7.x–2.0-alpha1

OG 7.x–2.3


Senior Drupal Developers at Europe's largest Drupal agency

We're Wunderkraut (known as WunderRoot in the UK). We are very involved in the Drupal community, and a great place to work. We're growing our teams across Europe, recruiting senior staff to a number of roles.

Technical Architect at Forum One Communications (Alexandria, VA or Seattle, WA)

Plan, build, and support Drupal-powered solutions that make a difference in the world. Forum One Communications is seeking a creative Technical Architect with outstanding Drupal skills to join our growing team.

Developer at Forum One Communications (Alexandria, VA or Seattle, WA)

Join our team of talented developers to build Drupal-powered websites for organizations doing important work around the world. Forum One offers a professional development time, a collaborative environment and outstanding benefits.

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