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Issue 98 August 8, 2013


DrupalCon Prague Sessions Have Been Selected

The tracks include Business + Strategy, Coding + Development, DevOps, Frontend, and Site Building. Oh, and not to be overlooked. Drupal Labs! Team Week Notes #17

An update on D7 upgrade progress.

Designers: Would You Like to Create the Drupal 8 Logo?

The Drupal Association is commissioning a Drupal 8 logo. If you have the design chops check out this post.

2012 Audited Financials for the Drupal Association

I didn’t see anything earth shattering in either a good or bad way in this post but it’s here if you wanna check it out.

Module Maintainers: Get Your Module Documented With for free


Developing Drupal sites: Plan or Perish

Larry Garfield shares Palantir’s build spec document and how they use this approach during the discovery phase of their projects. It’s worth reading for the spreadsheet alone. Seriously valuable for anyone leading, architecting, or building Drupal sites.

Panelizer and Workbench Moderation Can Get Along

Phase2’s Tobby Hagler describes how to make two awesome modules play nice together. I’ve never tried using these together but Workbench revisions tied to Panelizer layout revisions sounds very interesting.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8: Hello OOP, Hello World!

If you only read one article about Drupal 8 this week, read this one written by Alex Bronstein (effulgentsia).

Drupal 8 Field API Series Part 2: Field Widgets

Kristof De Jaeger continues his Drupal 8 Field API series with part 2, field widgets. Great stuff.

Intro to Drupal 8 Vocabulary

My co-worker Derek DeRaps did a great job in this video explaining many of the terms and concepts that are coming with Drupal 8 and all of the new Symfony components.

Block UI Overhaul

Tim Plunkett gives us an update on the Blocks and Layouts (SCOTCH) initiative and news that he will be working on it over the next couple weeks.


How to Display Maps using GMap, Views and Location in Drupal 7

A very commonly requested feature explained in this Web Wash tutorial.

Your Guide To Extending RSS Feeds in Drupal

Robert Bates explains how to use Views RSS module to tweak your RSS feeds in this Phase2 blog post.

Keeping Your Drupal Features in Sync

A few nifty Features tips from Deeson Online’s John Ennew including reverting features in update hooks.

Leveling the Learning Curve for Content Admins

Susan McCormick share tips for making Drupal easier for content administrators to use on the Chapter Three blog. Take a look at the list of recommended modules. There were a couple there I haven’t used before.

Installing Solr for use with Drupal

If you need to install Solr, read Ben Chavet’s tutorial on


Module Monday: ImageField Focus

Jeff Eaton introduces us to a module that lets editors select the focus point of their image crops in the Drupal UI.

Cool Module: Multiple Node Menu

“Multiple Node Menu is a module that let’s you add multiple menu items for a node at once.”

Nivo Slider: Quick, Beautiful Drupal Slideshows - OSTraining

Learn how to setup the popular Nivo Slider on your Drupal site.

Commerce Module Tuesday: Commerce Dunning - Part 1


Paraphrasing Panels, Panelizer and Panopoly

Slides from Keenan Holloway’s session at CapitalCampDC.


DrupalCon Prague DevOps Track - Modules Unraveled Podcast

DrupalEasy Podcast 111: It Depends

Insert Content Here, Episode 16: Karen McGrane on Editorial Workflow

Drupal Digital Experiences And The Best Module Ever - Meet Kevin Hankens - Acquia Podcast


Senior Drupal Developers at Europe's largest Drupal agency

We're Wunderkraut (known as WunderRoot in the UK). We are very involved in the Drupal community, and a great place to work. We're growing our teams across Europe, recruiting senior staff to a number of roles.

Drupal Trainer for Drupalize.Me

Lullabot is looking for a new Drupal trainer to join our amazing Drupalize.Me team. If you know Drupal, love learning new things, and have experience explaining the web to people, then we have the perfect home for you.

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