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Issue 97 August 1st, 2013


Meet the Content Working Group!

As a part of the Drupal Association’s governance initiative, a content working group has been formed to help develop, manage, and maintain the overall content strategy for


Best Bang for No Bucks: A Comparison of Free Drupal Hosting Platforms

LevelTen’s Kyle Taylor has written up a comparison article if you are looking to run a Drupal site on the cheap. He compares Amazon Web Services Free Tier, OpenShift, Pantheon, and Acquia Free Cloud.

Using a Modern Grid System with Drupal

Dustin Cooper has written an introduction to the Singularity grid system to on the Mediacurrent blog. I’m familiar with it but it looks pretty slick and it uses Sass.

Mediacurrent Focuses on Drupal and Marketing Automation

We’ve all heard the story about the web agency that is trying to move away from client work to developing products. It’s a fun and exciting story for sure. Dave Terry shares a different vision for Mediacurrent. I think it’s worth reading if you do Drupal client services.

Drupal 8

Controlling Access to Drupal 8 Routes with Access Checks

Kim Pepper continues his Drupal 8 series on the PreviousNext blog demonstrating how to use the new AccessCheck interface.

Drupal 8 Twig Templates and Translations

Mark Carver from LevelTen introduces and explains the new Twig translation tag for Drupal 8.

Drupal 8: Writing a Hello World Module

In this Drupalize.Me blog post and video Joe Shindelar creates a hello world module for Drupal 8. If you haven’t written a Drupal 8 module before this is a great place to start.


Upgrading Drupal core

We’ve all had to do but Juan Pablo Novillo Requena has written an article covering doing Drupal upgrades on the Lullabot blog.

How To Boost Relevance Of Search Api Solr With The Value Of A Certain Field?

I love the Drupal Answers site. A wealth of info there.

Proper Way To Get The Base Path When Including An Image From A Module?

Another nice question and answer from Drupal Answers.

Automatic Drush Multisite Alias Creation And Synchronization Between Remote And Local Systems

How To Redirect User To Any Page After Login in Drupal 7

A handy tip from Tim Kamanin. By the way, check out while your at it.


DrupalCon Prague Opens Seven Full-day Professional Training Courses Led By World Class Drupal Trainers

DrupalCon Prague has an impressive array of training sessions for sure.


3 Modules That Help you Manage Contexts on Nodes

Ivan Zugec from Web Wash has shared a list of modules that extend the popular Context module.

Don’t Fear The Monkey! Introducing A Friendlier MailChimp Module

I’m a big fan of Mailchimp and use it for this newsletter. ThinkShout has done a great job with the MailChimp Drupal module and in the this post cover the improvements in the latest release.

Select (or other) Drupal Module

I featured this module way back in issue 1 but it’s so good it’s worth another mention. Web Omelette provides an intro to the Select (or other) module which as it’s name implies, allows you to add an other field to your select fields.

6 Free Responsive Frameworks You Can Use with Drupal


The power of PHP - Meet Michelangelo van Dam - Acquia Podcast

The Acquia podcast goes video! Jam chats with prominent PHP developer Michelangelo van Dam about the history of PHP and what fresh and hot in PHP land.

DrupalCon Prague Business and Strategy Track - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Brain talks with Janne Kalliola about the Business and Strategy track at DrupalCon Prague.


Services 7.x–3.5


DrupalCorn Camp 2013

August 7th - 10th, 2013 in Iowa City, Iowa.

DrupalCampCT - 2013

August 10th, 2013 in New Haven, Connecticut.

DrupalCamp Atlanta

October 19, 2013 at the Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be my first DrupalCamp Atlanta and I’m pretty stoked about it. Check out the cool intro video.


Theming Specialist

Mediacurrent is a recognized leader in the web development & software industry. We're looking for a top-notch Theming Specialist to create custom Drupal themes. Learn more about this opportunity and our amazing culture.

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