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Issue 96 July 25th, 2013

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In case you missed it (since I haven’t mentioned it here), I started working for MediaCurrent as a Senior Drupal Developer a few weeks ago. TheWeeklyDrop is not affilated with Mediacurrent and remains independently owned and operated by me. By the way, Mediacurrent is a pretty cool company ;)

~ Bob Kepford, Editor


DrupalCon New and Improved: Meet the Drupal Labs Initiative

Loving that the DrupalCon organizers are trying new things. Drupal Labs sound very cool.

Aegir 1.10 released!

Aegir 2.0-rc2 released!


Drupal PCI Compliance White Paper—Officially Released!

PCI compliance is a big scary thing most of us are thankful we don’t have to deal with. Thankfully Rick Manelius, Greg Knaddison, and Ned McClain have done a ton of work preparing this information in a digestable format that is readable. Hat tip to them.

Build a Mobile App Game to Learn Words from Another Language with Drupal

An intriguing tutorial from Tyler Frankenstein.

Creating a Custom Add to Cart Form with Drupal Commerce

Ryan Szrama shares some cool customizations to the Drupal Commerce Add to Cart form. If you need to modify this part of Commerce take a look at this post.

Drupal Meets Sass: Getting Started With Aurora (Part 2)

More Sass goodness from Mike Crittenden of Phase2.

Git Flow For My Business

Mediacurrent’s Jason Smith explains why Git flow is awesome. I’m a big fan of Git and Git flow is a great tool/workflow that you should look into.

Five Basic Principles For Drupal UI’s That Anyone Can Follow

A nice list of tips from Bryan Braun.

GitHub Pull Request Builder for Drupal

Lullabot’s Jerad Bitner shares some insight on their workflow and a few tools they use.

Drupal 8

We Need a New Core Process

Hot drama here. No. Seriously, I’m not trying to make light of it.

Drupal 8 Field API Series Part 1: Field Formatters

Drupal 8 will be here before we know it. Start getting ready for it today with Kristof De Jaeger’s tutorial on field formatters.


Responsive Theme in Drupal 7 - Part 3 Making Images Responsive

In part three of her series Shyamala Rajaram shows how easy it is to set up responsive images on your Drupal site with screenshots and various contrib modules.

Generic Web Behat Test Setup

Testing Drupal with Behat. I really want to try this. Need more hours in the week.

How To Add Entity Fields To A Form In Drupal 7

Sergiu Savva from Propeople shows us how to add an entity form fields like users, comments, or customer address to a custom form. If you haven’t needed to do this yet you will at some point. If nothing else, bookmark this post for later.


Automatically Replacing Relative Links with Absolute Links in Textareas

Use Relative Path to Absolute URLs module.

You Should Use Entity Cache

Steven Jones makes the case for Entity cache use and integration in more entity modules.


Angie Byron Talks Drupal 8 As It Exists Today And Where It’s Going

This video is from the ESIP Summer Drupal Lab in Chapel Hill North Carolina and clocks in at about an hour. Some good stuff in there.


DrupalEasy Podcast 110: Oh, A Beta

Mike Potter of Phase 2 discusses Open Atrium 2 with the gents from DrupalEasy.

Meet Jeff Beeman, Embedded Drupal Consultant - Acquia Podcast

An interview with Acquia’s Jeff Beeman. I have to agree with him that the Drupal community is a great space to work in.


Drupal PHP Developer

Texas Creative is one of San Antonio’s largest advertising, graphic design and web design/development firms, seeking an experienced Drupal Web Developer with 2+ years building Drupal websites and writing custom modules. This is an in-house, full-time position.

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