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Issue 92 July 18th, 2013


DrupalCon Prague Introduces a Community Summit

Community track for DrupalCon? What is this new Community Summit thing? Addison Berry gives us the scoop on all of it in this post. Also check out her appearance on the Modules Unraveled Podcast this week with MortenDK.


1 Year of Drupal Events Visualized

A cool infographic from the people of that bring you Drupical, the Drupal events site.

Dekyll’s New “Github Pages” Flavor

Amitai Burstein of announces the addition of Github Pages to Dekyll’s publishing options. Now you can edit your site’s content with Drupal and host the static HTML on Github.

A Practical Example For Converting A Drupal 7 Module To Work With Drupal 8

A nice article from Sean Hamlin that covers several aspects of converting a D7 module to Drupal 8. I like the mention of reading the change records and the fact that this is an actual example of a contrib module port.

How To Fail In A Drupal Project: Fixed Price Contracts

An Introduction to Drupal Commerce And A Real World Example

I really like John Robert Wilson’s introduction to Drupal Commerce because he covers the high level concepts and doesn’t get stuck in the lower level stuff. A lot of people don’t understand the structure of Commerce because they jump into configuring stuff without a good idea of the architecture.


An Introduction To Drupal 7 Restful Services

This tutorial covers using the Services module to set up RESTful Services.

Paragraph Level Search Results with Solr

A novel modification of the Solr search results.

Map Your Locations With MapBox

Rob Decker of Chapter Three shares how to setup MapBox integration with the Views Datasource, GMap, and Location modules.

Testing Local Drupal Sites on Multiple Devices

Have you ever wanted to test the sites running locally on your machine on various devices? Sean Lange of Lullabot shows us how to use, a free service from 37signals to share your local sites with any device connected to your network.

Drupal Meets Sass: Getting Started With Aurora (Part 1)

Phase2’s Mike Crittenden will get you started with the Aurora theme and tools.

How to Display Tweets using Embedded Timelines in Drupal 7

Check out this Web Wash tutorial to learn how to display a Twitter embedded timeline using the Twitter Block module.


Module Monday: Auto Logout

Jeff Eaton introduces the Auto Logout module, a module that allows you automatically log users out after a set ammount of time.

Automated Security Reviews of Drupal Sites

Dave Hall introduces the Security Check module. Security Check module is a Drush plugin for running security checks against Drupal sites.


DrupalCon Prague Community Summit Day - Modules Unraveled Podcast and Addison Berry discuss the new DrupalCon Prague Community Summit Day with Brian.

Decoupling Drupal - Podcast

This episode is really worth a listen as the Lullabots discuss NOT using Drupal to serve web pages but instead using it as a content management system replacing the theming layer with something else. A complete separation between the frontend and backend.

DrupalEasy Podcast 109: Gray Area

A lot of PCI Compliance talk in this one. If that interests you grab a copy of this epi.


Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2013 (MN)

July 17th - 20th, 2013

Open Atrium at CapitalCamp 2013!

July 23rd - 26th, 2013.

Drupal Camp Wisconsin 2013

July 25th - 26th, 2013.

CapitalCamp 2013

July 25th - 27th, 2013.


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