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Issue 92 June 27th, 2013


Drupal 8.0-alpha2 Released!

Just take a look at the changes since 8.0-alpha1. That’s just a crazy amount of work.

Drupal 8 Alpha Releases

With the Drupal 8.x alpha 2 release this week Dries encouraged Drupal devs to begin upgrading their modules as Drupal 8 enters the polish phase of the release cycle.


Prague Demystified: Essential Guide To The Next DrupalCon Capital

Acquia’s Jakub Suchy offers tips and advice for your trip to DrupalCon Prague.


Let’s Stop Using The Issue Queues For Providing Support

Bojan Živanović from Commerce Guys explains why the Commerce Guys have moved their support of the Commerce project from the issue queue to the Q & A section on

Simple Ways To Make Your Drupal Clients And Bank Account Happier

Some good advice for those of you who handle the client side of Drupal work.

Maintaining Your Sanity While Theming In Drupal

Alexandra Atzl from Singlebrook share how they organize their themes to optimize the use of Guard/LiveReload and Sass. Take a look at the example theme on Github as well.

Drupal Cyclomatic Complexity

Deeson Online’s John Ennew discusses code complexity and advocates for a patch to Coder module that will add a check for cyclomatic complexity. I first heard this idea at DrupalCon Portland and I’m sure there will be significant debate surrounding it. That said, I think encouraging simplification of Drupal functions is a great idea.

Why Sticking To Best Practices Matters

Juan Pablo Novillo shares how the Lullabots encourage best practices on their team.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Multilingual Tidbits 4: Highly Flexible Detection Options

Gábor Hojtsy has written a series of blog posts covering the multilingual features in Drupal 8 that you should read.


How to Create Calendars in Drupal

If you have never set up a calendar in Drupal check out Steve Burge’s tutorial.

Default Menu Blocks

Menu Block allows you to display a Drupal menu starting with any level of the menu. It’s a super handy module. Jeff Amaral shows how you can make it work with the features module so that it is exportable.

Test Sites (Like a Boss) in 5 Minutes with Placecage and devel_image_provider

I’m a sucker for placeholder image services. It’s not a secret. Brad Czerniak shows us how to use one with the Devel Generate module.

Debugging Tests From Console Using PHPStorm and XDebug


Seed 1.0: Drupal Development Server Management

Fuse Interactive announces improvements in the 1.0 release of Seed, their heavy-weight script for the management of Drupal servers.

Change Drupal Usernames with the Real Name Module

OSTraining’s Steve Burge shares how to replace Drupal Usernames like bobkepford with a user’s desired real world name(Bob Kepford).


Insert Content Here, Episode 15: Margot Bloomstein on Design Thinking for Content

Meet Balazs Dianiska: The “honorable” Module And Drupal In The Enterprise - Acquia Podcast


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