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Issue 89 June 6th, 2013


Important Security Update: Reset Your Password

On Wednesday of last week the Drupal association sent out an email and announced that accounts on had been compromised. If you haven’t done so already go to and reset your password. The culprit of this breach was third-party software running on the server (The software has not been named and I’m not sure why that is). The issue was not with the Drupal code base and hopefully more details will be forthcoming.

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Drupal and “Invented Here”

I’m really becoming a Mike Crittenden fan. Mike does a good job of breaking down the thought process we Drupal developers go through when deciding whether to write custom code or enable a module. If you are a Drupal developer you should read this.

Using Mysql’s Slow Query Log To Pinpoint SQL Performance Bottlenecks

Geoff Hankerson offers a primer on using MySQL’s slow query log to spot performance issues in production. Geoff gets into just the right amount of detail including covering Mysql’s EXPLAIN feature, and telling views to use your modified query instead of the default one.

How To Get Most Out Of Your Stylesheets By Using LESS

Alex Schilpp has a good intro to LESS, that other CSS preprocessor. If you are familiar with LESS then there’s probably nothing new here.

Automatic Sass Imports with Sass Globbing

Ryan Frederick talks Sass Partials, SMACSS and the Sass-globbing Ruby gem from Chris Eppstein that lets you include a whole directory as a Sass partial. Not for Sass newbies but a good read none the less.

Drupal 8: Best Authoring Experience For Structured Content?

Wim Leers does a great job of describing the goals of structured content and how this can be accomplished in Drupal. He outlines Karen McGrane and Jeff Eaton’s points against WYSIWYG and in-place editors from DrupalCon Portland. Wim presents a pretty balanced article on this topic. Don’t miss the comments section either.

WYSIWYG And In-place Editing For Structured Content

Dries addresses Karen McGrane’s thoughts on WYSIWYG editing and in-place editing in Drupal 8.

A Security Reminder

After the compromise of user accounts on John Locke offers this timely article about security mistakes. John points to other weaknesses in your security outside of your Drupal code base.

Dashing - An Open Source Dashboard

Chris H discusses how IXIS used Dashing(an open source Ruby based dashboard project) to create a dashboard consuming data from disparate sources including their Open Atrium system. Interesting read and he shares a few snippets for getting useful data out of Open Atrium.

Drupal 8

Twig is in Core! - But There is Lots to do Left

Fabianx outlines outstanding issues related to TWIG in Drupal 8. If you want to help make theming rock in Drupal 8 check out this post.

Early Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8 Performance Comparison

Drupal Dev Days Dublin - Sprint of Final API Changes to Drupal 8

All Core Themes Are Now Responsive

Test Framework PHPUnit Has Been Added

View Modes Are Stored In The Config System


A Better Way To Theme Field Collections

Mike Minecki of Four Kitchens share some really great tips for theming Field Collections which are tough to theme. Really worth a read if you work with this module.

How To Display Labels Within Form Elements

Projects, Modules, & Themes

Harvard’s OpenScholar

Amitai Burstein delivers a really great review of the OpenScholar Drupal distribution.

Module Monday: Emphasis

Jeff Eaton introduces Emphasis module which provides deep-link URLs for long form content.


Gaelan Steele meets Dries - Acquia Podcast

Such an awesome episode with the 11 year old Drupaler and Dries at DrupalCon Portland. I gotta say that I love the new format of the Acquia podcast. Jam is doing a great job over there.

DrupalEasy Podcast 106: Demoception

Building - Podcast

Lessons learned from building the new site. I really enjoyed this episode, especially when the Lullabots discussed their approach to an internal project and how they had to treat it like a client project to get it done.

DrupalCon Prague - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Modules Unraveled episode 64 DrupalCon Prague with Rick Nashleanas, Andrew Burcin and Stephanie El-Hajj.


DrupalCamp Colorado 2013

June 29th - 30th in Boulder, Colorado.

Hot Drama

Open Source, The Religion

Steven Wittens, a former and long time Drupal contributor(user 10 with over 1000 commits to Drupal Core) posted a interesting piece on Github last week that compares the Drupal project to Scientology. I found it an interesting read though it also made me a bit sad for the author. Chx also published a counter point article if you are so inclined.


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