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Issue 88 May 30th, 2013

It was so awesome to talk to many of the readers of I really appreaciate your support and kind words. Also check out the my new weblog.
~ Bob Kepford

DrupalCon Portland Followup

DrupalCon Portland 2013 Flickr Photo Pool

A nice collection of DrupalCon photos.

Download DrupalCon Session Recordings for Offline Viewing

Janez Urevc shares multiple methods for grabbing video off of YouTube. The focus of his post is a python script, called youtube-dl. This script can be… you guessed it. Scripted!

Drupalcon Keynote Video, Slides and Talk Notes

Karen McGrane was one of the highlights of DrupalCon for me. In this post she shares the meat of her talk, her slides and the video of her keynote. If you missed her talk you should check it out,

My Session Notes from DrupalCon Portland 2013

I decided to try and take really good notes at this DrupalCon and it occurred to me that others might find these notes valuable. Check out the hub page which lists all of the sessions I attended. You will find links to related information as well as links to the session page and session video. Also, TheWeeklyDrop has a weblog now!

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Improving Drupal 7 Performance After A Period Of Inactivity

A few quick and easy performance tips from Colan Schwartz. Nothing earth shattering here but some of these tips may be new to you.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 #dreammarkup

So TWIG is in Drupal 8. This is really awesome, but there is more work to be done on the theming side of Drupal. In this post Geschrieben von Pascal Crott explains what the #dreammarkup initiative(unofficial) is all about. I would add to this that if we want better themes for Drupal we have to attract more great designers. Without clean markup and an easy theming engine this won’t happen.

Setting Priorities For Drupal 8 In The Lead Up To Code Freeze

Lee Rowlands, maintainer of the forum module shares his thoughts on what he thinks needs to get done for Drupal 8. Each item is explained and a link to the issue on d.o is provided.


Advanced Views: Concepts and Resources

A good overview of the concepts including contextual filters, relationships and links to more in-depth tutorials. You won’t learn everything you need to know about Views from this post but it’s a good start.

Using Hash Value (track_changes) To Detect Source Data Changes in Migrate for Drupal 7

Tim Kamanin shares a new feature in Migrate module version 2.6 beta–1 for tracking what content has changed on the source site.

Manage Drupal Content Layout with Panelizer

A quick tutorial on using the Panelizer module from OSTraining’s Cindy McCourt. Panelizer allows you to layout nodes, users, and other entities with Panels layouts. This tutorial doesn’t go deep into the Panels setup but will get you started.

Drupal Theming and Design: A Minimalistic Approach

Danny Englander shares how he made a responsive photo grid with views and some views template tweaking.

Drupal Answers

Every once and a while I like to link to good questions and answers from the Drupal Answers site. It’s a great resource.

Why is Drupal 7 so slow? - Drupal Answers

Hooking Into A Contrib Module - Drupal Answers

Using Flags To Approve User Account - Drupal Answers


Module Monday: Tab Name Tweaker

Jeff Eaton highlights Tab Name Tweaker module that makes it easy to change the View, Edit and other tabs that are on every Drupal node and user page. No custom code required. It appears Eaton that has even contributed to this project.

Empowering Content Creators with the Template Picker Module

Bryan Braun introduces a page layout module which is a simple alternative to Panels and Display Suite. Template Picker module allows the developer to provide multiple templates that content creators can select when editing a node and each node can have a different layout. If you’re looking for an alternative to Panels this might be worth a look. Bryan even has a nice video demo.

Autocomplete Widget For The Menu Path in Drupal 7

Multi-path Autocomplete module provides an autocomplete widget instead of a text field for your menu path. When you start typing the text field autocompletes to a node title if it exists. Looks like a handy module.


DrupalCamp Austin

June 21–23, 2013 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.

Drupal Dev Days Dublin 2013

June 28th - 30th in Dublin.

DrupalCon Prague 2013

September 23rd - 27th in Prague.

Drupical - Find Drupal Events with Ease!

Looking for more Drupal events? Check out this is a very cool Drupal events aggregator from Mediadesign & Webservices.


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