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Issue 87 May 23rd, 2013

Despite sleep deprivation and very spotty wifi at both DrupalCon and my hotel, here is issue 87 of TheWeeklyDrop. This DrupalCon has been a lot of fun and if you missed it you really did miss a great one.
~ Bob Kepford


DrupalCon Austin 2014

June 2nd - 6th 2014. Not a surprise.

DrupalCon Austin Announcement with Dianna Montalion Dupuis - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Mr Lewis interviews Dianna Montalion Dupuis about DrupalCon Austin 2013 and DrupalCamp Austin 2012

Drupal volunteers work through the night on project for OK Tornado victims - YouTube

This is one of the reasons I love the Drupal community. The site helps connect people that need help with people that can help them. Check out

Drupal Tales

Stories of code and adventure from people in the Drupal community. Drupal tales looks like a really cool project. They are looking for contributors so go check it out and share your story.

Acquia Revenue More than Doubles as its Open Source Solutions Soar

More good news for Acquia.

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Drupal Face - to - Face

The purpose of the project is to capture the exuberance and authenticity of the Drupal community and invite others to join in.

DrupalCon Portland Group Photo on Flickr

DrupalCon on YouTube

You can watch the sessions from DrupalCon on the Drupal Association’s YouTube page.

Front End Guru Jonathan Snook Interview

Jonathan Snook is a highly respected leader in the Frontend dev world specifically in the area of CSS. It’s really great to see experts from outside the Drupal community speaking at DrupalCons.

Drupal 8 WYSIWYG and File Cleanup

Thomas Svenson discusses Drupal 8 and WYSIWYG.

Mediacurrent: Drupalcon Portland Video Recap - Day 2

A nice and short (3:23) video summary of DrupalCon Portland day two. I just happen to be in this video.

Drupalcon Portland Day 1

This post on Amazee Labs is worth a look just for the great photos.

Our Drupal Workplace: The Issue Queue

Thomas Svenson shares Michael Keara session on issue queue’s on

From Content to Experience - Dries Buytaert’s Drupalcon Keynote

Steve Parks wrote a nice summary of the DriesNote for Wunderkraut.

We Need to Talk about your Stylesheets: An interview with Jonathan Snook at Drupalcon Portland

Drupal 8 and the power of Twig: A Drupalcon Portland featured session

Ivan Boothe has a written a interview with Jen Lampton.

DrupalCon Stories

I linked to this last week but there are a ton of interesting stories to check out this week. Be sure and check it out.


PreviousNext: Understanding Drupal 8’s Modal API and Dialog Controller

Drupal 8, aural interfaces and groundbreaking accessibility at Drupalcon Portland


How Drupal Is Like Enterprise Software

Matt over at Engineered Web might be causing a ruckus with this post but it’s worth a read.

Planning successful projects: The User Story

Zact: Launching a Major Mobile Startup

Garret Voorhees of Chapter Three tells us about their latest project with Zact.

Moving Server functionality to Node.js increased per-server capacity by 100x

“Node.js is awesome for running through a large number of network or IO-bound tasks that would otherwise become burdensome at scale using Drupal’s Queue API.”

The UCSF Drupal Web Starter Kit

Nica Lorber of Chapter Three shares how they helped UCSF create a web start kit for rolling out sites across their organization.

Using Salt Stack and Vagrant for Drupal Development

Seriously. Vagrant is one of my favorite web dev tools and you really need to check it out if you haven’t already. This is the first that I have heard of Salt Stack(similar to Puppet) but it’s nice to see more Drupal specific articles from Linux Journal.

Drupalize.Me: Community Tools Curriculum (and a Dreditor Video)

If you don’t have Dreditor installed and you contribute or review patches you are crazy. Get started here.

Drupal on Google App Engine


Fighting Field Labels with Display Suite Extras

Over at LevelTen Interactive Kyle Taylor has shared a solution to a vexing pain point for many Drupal themers.

How To Notify Site Builders If Something Is Required In Drupal 7

Another tutorial from Web Wash. I don’t know how Ivan Zugec turns these out so regularly.

How do I “see” my contributed code on

This title explains this post by Bryan Braun better than I could.

Setting Up the Rackspace Cloud to Send Drupal Emails with SendGrid

You should probably not use your server to send email if you send any volume of email and you care about deliverability. Chris Sloan describes one method of solving this problem with SendGrind

Create A Call To Action Block Using The Field As Block Module

Learning to Work with Views

New to Views? Check out this tutorial from Friendly Machine.

Responsive & adaptive grids with Susy, Sass & Compass in Drupal 7


Aegir 2.0-alpha2 Released!

Drupal Commerce 2.x Roadmap

Revolution in end-user documentation! Say hello to Inline Manual


The Mysterious Drupal Entity - Podcast

Open Source and Local Economies - Meet Ranko Marinic - Acquia Podcast

DrupalCon Pre-Show and announcements

Voices of Drupal Camp Alpe-Adria 2013 - Acquia Podcast

Kraftwagen with Rolf van de Krol - Modules Unraveled


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