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Issue 85 May 9th, 2013

DrupalCon Portland is just around the corner so be sure and checkout the DrupalCon section to prepare for your trip. The DrupalEasy crew invited me on their show to talk about so if you want an inside look at this newsletter be sure and check that out. Happy reading.

~ Bob Kepford


Why We Keep Coming Back to DrupalCon

Jon Pugh outlines why you should go to DrupalCon. Not only will attending DrupalCon help you stay ahead of the curve but there are things that happen at DrupalCons that you just can’t experience anywhere else.

The Drupal 8 Track in Portland

“You can either get on the Drupal 8 bus now, or get run over by it later.” Larry, you have a way with words sir.

What’s Missing at DrupalCon Portland?

Jon Pugh points out some topics that are not going to be covered by sessions at DrupalCon Portland. Notably Search API and Migrations. Jon does point out that the community can still meet for BOFs on these topics.

Drupal Do-Gooders Event to Benefit Aaron Winborn, May 20, Portland

A special event to benefit the trust of Aaron Winborn, a long time Drupal contributor who has been fighting ALS.

Ready, Set, Go! Jump-start Your Drupal With Beginner Training

New to Drupal and headed to DrupalCon Portland? Check out these training classes.

How To Avoid The Drupal Flu

This post is a few weeks old but with DrupalCon Portland knocking on the door it is a good time to read it.

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AngularJS & Drupal

AngularJS is by far my favorite Javascript MVC framework. It’a a joy to work with and Lior Kesos gives us a use case for using it with an old Drupal site.

Creating a Plan - The Art of the Definition Document

I really like Drupal project manager Matthew Saunders’ approach to projects outlined in this blog post. Most definitely worth a look.

Apps are Icons

While Todd Ross Nienkerk’s article isn’t specifically about Drupal, I really enjoyed his views on the perception of what an app is. Todd also points out how many of the disadvantages of web apps often touted are going away.

Steps To Reproduce Really Do Help In Issue Summaries

Implementing an Estimated “Read Time” on Articles


Picture This!

Robert Bates of Phase2 talks about using the Picture and Breakpoints modules to use the new Picture HTML element with a polyfill fallback on your Drupal 7 sites.

A Regular Expression Views Filter Handler

Drupal 7 Menus - Troubles and Solutions

How To Setup A Local Solr Server For Search API

Use Varnish, XMLsitemap, Cron And Bash To Warm The Cache For Fast Pages

A really handy performance tip.

Drupal 8

Improving the UX of Views

Bye, Bye Hook, Hello Symfony: Fields, Widgets And Formatters in D8

Drupal Dev Days Dublin Sprints Coming Up With Final Chance for Drupal 8 API Changes

Modules, Themes & Projects

The Quickest, Easiest Way To Test Drupal Modules

Introduction to Service Guzzle Module

Commerce Module Tuesday: Commerce Reporting

If you have a Drupal Commerce site you really need to check out this post and watch the screencast. The Commerce Reporting charts are pretty awesome.

Find Out Form ID Easily with Get Form ID Module for Drupal 7

Tim Kamanin has released a nice development helper module that adds contextual links to all the forms on a Drupal site making the task of finding the form ID’s very easy. I didn’t see the value at first since you can just dpm(form_id); in a your custom module but after watching the video it made sense. I would save some time in the development process.

7 Modules To Help With Your Drupal Responsive Design

Magic: Frontend Performance for All Themes

Chris Ruppel introduces a really cool module for Drupal themes. Magic module offers many performance improvements and development tools to your themes.

Updates & Announcements

The State of COD

Learn about current status of the Conference Organizing Distribution.

Welcome New DA Staff


DrupalEasy Podcast 105: Men in Tights

I was privileged to be a guest on the DrupalEasy this week and talked about the genesis of this newsletter, Open Atrium, Google Reader, Men in Tights and much more.

Funding Drupal Core Development - Podcast

Greg Dunlap discusses his fundraising for Drupal 8 core development and more.

The Fortune Teller Must Die - Acquia Podcast

Shannon Vettes talks about project management.


Where Panels, Views, Display Suite and Context Overlap in Functionality

A very nice comparison of these layout modules for Drupal from Chris Shattuck of

Controlling Your Site Layout Using The Mobile-First Omega Theme


Welcome to DrupalJam 2013

May 17th, 2013 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

DrupalCamp Göteborg

May 25th, 2013 in Göteborg, Sweden.

DrupalCamp Austin

June 21st - 23rd, 2013 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.

Drupal Dev Days Dublin 2013

June 28th - 30th, 2013 in Dublin.


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