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Issue 83 April 25th, 2013

I want to welcome a new sponsor this week. Acquia will be sharing some resources through TheWeeklyDrop over the next few weeks. Be sure and check them out and thank them for supporting this newsletter.

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DrupalCon Pass Giveaway from

Palantir is giving away ten passes to DrupalCon Portland to people that could not otherwise attend. If you are passionate about Drupal and can’t afford to go be sure and check this out. Applications are due by April 30, and pass recipients will be announced on May 3.

Acquia Open Sources Drupal Create

Drupal Create is an iOS app that allows any content contributor to post content to any Drupal website that has included the Drupal MASt module at

From Our Sponsor


DrupalCon Portland Regular Registration Ends 4/26

Registration prices increase to $550 on April 26th.

Wanted - Local Social Media Lead DrupalCon Prague


High Server Load Because Of Repeating Queries Too Many Times

Be careful out there folks. Watch out for queries that are called multiple times per page load. Another great article from

Drupal Deployment part 2: How We do it at New Zealand Post

Drupal 7 Performance Gains with Views cache

DrupalCampChina 2013 - A milestone of Drupal’s Growth in China

A Guided Tour of Drupal’s Settings.php

OSTraining has a nice in depth look at the Drupal settings.php file. There’s a lot more to it this one file than you might think.

Three Things I Did To Prevent Drupal Registration Spam

My goodness is spam ever a problem. Rob Schmitt shares his experiences trying to prevent registration spam what has worked for him.


Working with Images in Drupal

WYSIWYG Module + CKEditor the Third: Ultimate End

Chris Eastwood shows us how to customize the CKEditor when implementing it with the WYSIWYG module.

How To Access The Node Object From A Template File in Drupal 7

Facet Block - The Unknown Hero

Display Cache - Let the Entities Cache Themselves


Giving Back - Helping with Drupal’s Issue Queues

If you want to get involved in the Drupal community check out Jeff Geerling’s talk.

Drupal 8

Who Are New Contributors? What Leeway Do We Give Them?

Good stuff from Cathy Theys about fostering a community that welcomes new contributors.

HELP! Drupal 8 Issues Need Summaries

D8 Change Record: Use JSHint to Validate JS

Drupal 8 is now using JSHint to check all core and contrib JavaScript.


Commerce Module Tuesday: Commerce Backoffice

Josh Miller walks us through the Commerce Backoffice module. Commerce Backoffice is included in the Commerce Kickstart 2 project but you can use it with any Commerce site. It makes managing your orders much more pleasant.

Handle Responsive Images Using Picture Module In Drupal 7

Tapping into the Drupal 7 Responsive AdaptiveTheme

Mediacurrent’s Kendall Totten delivers a great introduction to Adaptive Theme as well as a comparison to the Omega theme.

Improving SEO with the Meta tags Module

Nice article from Friendly Machine covering the Meta tags module. This module is really underrated I think.


Our Plan for Learning Drupal 8 - Podcast

“My Job Is To Make Drupal Awesome”: Meet Angie Byron - Part 1 - Acquia Podcast

The Module Off with Mike Kadin - Modules Unraveled Podcast


Drupal and Twitter, tweeting in a tree!

Twitter is using Drupal to unify our auxiliary sites onto one platform for streamlined deployment, fast development and easy content updates. We're actively looking for another engineer to work with our fun-loving Drupal group! Join us! Msg @kitt for details.

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