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Issue 82 April 18th, 2013


Blue Drop Awards Voting

It’s time to vote for your favorite Drupal sites. The Blue Drop Awards purpose is to showcase the great work that takes place within the Drupal community. Voting is open until 23:59 PM PDT on May 5th, 2013. Awards will be presented at DrupalCon Portland. Team Week Notes #14

Progress update on the D7 upgrade.

Hot Drama

What’s up with the Webinars?

This week’s hot drama in the Drupal world comes from the Drupal Association’s email sent out on Tuesday morning announcing a Drupal 8 and Spark webinar facilitated by Acquia. In this post Megan Sanicki offers more info about the decision.


Hey, How’s Your Drupal?

Have you checked out all of the Drupal training available at DrupalCon Portland?

Crowd Funding for Drupal Accessibility

Help a vision impaired Drupal 8 contributor attend DrupalCon Portland.

Extended Sprints Around DrupalCon Portland

If you are attending DrupalCon Portland be sure and head out early or stay after for the Sprints. If you wanna get involved in Drupal 8 this would be a great time to get started. Hope to see you in Portland!

Drupal 8

Two Weeks as a Core Maintainer

Some funny stuff from new Drupal Core maintainer Alex Pott.

Video: Live Commit of Major Drupal 8 Patch

It doesn’t get much nerdier than this. I mean that with all of the love in the world. CMI FTW!

Removing Region And Position From Block Theming

Configuration Translation in Drupal 8 Core? Translate Site Name!

Twigs and Sticks and Themes and Bones - But Names Will Never Hurt Me!

KatteKrab makes the case for getting involved in finishing the Twig work in Drupal 8. Now is great time to get involved.


Drupal’s Golden Handcuffs

This is an old post from Mike Crittenden that popped up again this week. If you haven’t read it be sure an check it out. Drupal is not perfect… Go ahead, pick yourself up off the floor and click the link.

Take Advantage Of Drupal Upgrades

I really agree with the recommendation of Mike Crittenden. Why upgrade when you can migrate. The Drupal life cycle is long enough that when support for your site’s version of Drupal is dropped, it’s probably time for a redesign of your site. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Quick Guide: Creating A Content Marketing Strategy

This is not Drupal specific but Adam Waid of Mediacurrent has written a good intro to Content Strategy with tips for making user personas, creating a content calendar, and more content and marketing tidbits.

Testing with Codeception and Drupal Projects

Bypassing Drupal Commerce Customer Profile Duplication

Drupal Around the World: April 2013

Common Issues and Solutions for Dealing with Cloud Computing and VPS Performance Issues for Drupal

My favorite Drupal performance blog has a really good write up about the issues you can face with VPS/Cloud hosting. It’s really worth looking at if you are considering Virtual vs. physical servers or are having performance issues with your VPS provider.

Migrating to Drupal 7: Book Review


Deleting Content Types and Fields in Drupal

Content Editors, The Forgotten Drupal Users

How To Redirect A User After Login In Drupal 7

Organizing and Creating Content for Drupal with GatherContent


Commerce Module Tuesday: Commerce Giftwrap

As the name implies Commerce Giftwrap module provides a very quick and easy way to offer a gift wrapping option to your Drupal Commerce checkout.

Drupal Commerce 1.6 Released

Drush Integration Challenge is Over

The latest winner of the module off competition is a Drush module by Greg Anderson’s. Drush Issue Queue Extras module allows you to post a patch to issue queue via the commandline.

Modify Content Directly Using Editable Views Module

Field Comments

This module allows commenting on fields for any field display.

ModuleNotes - Drupal Modules, Simplified

Marcus D. Burnette has created a site that provides simplified descriptions of Drupal modules.


How to Write a Views Plugin Display Extender (D7)

Drupal Commerce - Product Displays

Product displays was a concept that I didn’t get the first time I tried Commerce. It’s not hard but save yourself some time and watch this video from Code Karate.

Webinar: Git-flow for Daily Use

Git-flow is a great workflow that has grown in adoption among Git users. Check out this Webinar hosted by Kevin Basarab of Mediacurrent.

Salesforce Integration - Queue Processor Overview


ToadCast 015 - ECommerce

“In accessibility there is usability”: meet Vincenzo Rubano: Acquia Podcast

Using Scald for Media Management with Sylvain Moreau - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Drupal UX and design ninja Matt Edmunds: Acquia Podcast

DrupalEasy Podcast 103: Bicycles, Bridges, Beverages, and Beards


DrupalCamp Scotland

April 20th, 2013 in Glasgow, Scotland.


Front-End Developer, Drupal (Flexible, New York preferred)

Interested in working with members of our Web Team to update and improve the visual design of our website on an ongoing basis? Come join Teach For America as a Front-End Developer with expertise in Drupal 7.

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