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Issue 8 - November 10, 2011

We have a ton of Drupal videos to share this week along with a better mobile reading experience.


Acquia U

With the demand for Drupal developers continuing to outpace supply, Acquia announces Acquia U. The idea is to recruit, hire, and train recent and future college graduates to become "Client Advisors" in this new Drupal Training program. Sounds interesting.

Atrium's Little, EDU based, Brother is born

Bryan Ollendyke of the Penn State e-Learning Institute announces and presents a screencast about the latest release (Alpha5) of the ELMS (e-Learning Management System) Drupal distro.

The Next Phase: Selecting DrupalCon Denver Sessions

It's that time of year again. Time to go vote for the sessions you want to hear at Drupalcon.


DrupalCamp Ohio

December 3rd at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

DrupalCamp France

November 26th & 27th in Toulouse, France


How to display status messages when using Ajax

We are partnering with to give you a great free video each week. This week we will learn how display status messages with Ajax. Top Drupal Videos of the Week

The folks over at LevelTen Interactive have a great list of videos to check out this week including "Introduction to Line Items in Drupal Commerce", "Learning Drupal", and "Learn Flag with NodeOne, part 2: Introduction".

Seeing Drupal Themes

Emma Jane Hogbin of Design to Theme presents a video showing us how she visualizes a design as a Drupal theme. Emma talks through her decisions and explains the thought process that goes into creating a Drupal theme.

Quick and Dirty Coupon with Custom Line Item and Rules (Screencast)

Randy Fay of Commerce Guys shows us how easy it is to make coupons in Drupal Commerce for Drupal 7.


Drupalcon Voting is a waste of time & resources

Morten points out some problems with the current selection process for DrupalCon session speakers as well as providing some advice about improving the process.

Drupal in the post-page era

Larry Garfield talks about Drupal's future as it relates to Web Services.

Use Drush to Upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7

Yes, you read that correctly. Moshe Weitzman says, you too can upgrade to Drupal 7 using Drush! All of the the typical precautions apply, but this is another really cool use of Drush.

Upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 with Migrate 2

End "Works on My Machine" Surprises with Vagrant

Steven Merrill shows us how to set up a local VM with Vagrant for local development. If you are using VM's for development you should most definitely check out this screencast and Vagrant.

Custom steps and forms in a D7 install profile

In Scott's latest blog post about install profiles he shows us how to add a custom form to the installer that will create a user account and give that user a role.

Build A Styled User Feedback Form with Webform In Drupal 7

Podcasts 1-year Retrospective

A gaggle of Lullabots talk about's origins and development. The team discusses problems they've had, what they've learned, and their recent iOS & Android apps.


Module Monday: Panelizer


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