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Issue 79 March 28th, 2013

If the newsletter is a little off this week it’s because I’m a bit under the weather. I do want to thank this week’s sponsor NodeSquirrel. If you need off-site backups of your Drupal site I hightly recommend checking them out. It’s super easy to set up.


Is Drupal In Trouble? /r/drupal

A little discussion going on over on the Drupal sub Reddit page.

Some “under-the-covers” Details Behind Our New Website

There was a slight brew haha over Phase2’s new web site launch. This was due to the fact that they chose to use Wordpress. Oh the humanity! But seriously, I totally get their reasoning. I like to see what other projects are doing as well. For my personal site I use Octopress for example.

From Our Sponsor

Drupal 8

New Contributors To Drupal 8 Need To Install Drupal 8? No… And Yes

Shorten The Time To Drupal 8 Release By Testing Upgrading Now


Nine Front-end Tools, Techniques, And Practices For Drupal Themers

Nice collection of tools from PreviousNext.

How To Add A Map With Leaflet Programmatically

3 Ways To Reorder Drupal Fields

A nice short novice level tutorial from OSTraining.

Yes, you can have both the files from production and your music collection locally! Sort of

This post shows you how to leave the files on your remote site while doing local development. Also check out Stage File Proxy module which is mentioned in the comments.

Customize Media Module Image Display In Drupal 7

Nice quick tutorial that shows the power of the media module from Web Wash.

Creating Custom Beans In Drupal, Part 1 - Singlebrook Technology

Oh No! My Laptop Just Sent Notifications To 10,000 Users

Pretty sure this is just a rite of passage for every developer. Andrew Berry has some tips to avoid making this mistake. Yeah, I’ve done it at least twice.

Modules / Projects / Themes

Caching Drupal Entities For Faster Page Loads

Ashok Modi(BTMash) has released a very cool Drush extension that I can’t wait to try out on one of my entity heavy sites. Drush Entity Cache Loader basically warms up the entity cache so visitors have a faster page load.

Neptune - A New Zen Sub-theme

A nice clean Zen based theme. Zen is a great starter theme by the way.

Module Monday: Autofloat

“Autofloat is a simple input filter that can be added to any Input Format on a Drupal site, like Full HTML or Filtered HTML.” Looks like a cool little module if CSS is not your strongest area.


Talking To Web Services

David Bassendine’s talk from DrupalCamp Atlanta 2012.

Getting Started With Drupal Services

Randall Kent’s talk from DrupalCamp Atlanta 2012.

Site Building With Display Suite

Jay Callicott’s talk from DrupalCamp Atlanta 2012.

Anatomy Of A Full-featured, Adaptive Slideshow

Michael Anello very cool slideshow walkthrough from DrupalCamp Atlanta 2012.


Acquia Podcasts: What Is Drupal? 4 Answers … And More To Come! Podcast 14: What Is A Drupal Site Builder?

056 The Message Stack Of Modules With Amitai Burstein - Modules Unraveled Podcast

055 The Mass Contact Module With Jason Flatt - Modules Unraveled Podcast


Drupalcamp Sacramento

April 12th - 14th at Hackerlab, in Sacramento, California.


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