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Issue 73 February 14th, 2013


DrupalCon Sydney: Keynote: Dries Buytaert

If you didn’t get to attend DrupalCon Sydney, have no fear. You can watch the Driesnote and many (if not all) of the sessions on Youtube.

DrupalCon Sydney: Videos On YouTube

I for one am pleased that YouTube is being used to host the DrupalCon Sydney video. Now I can easily watch them on my TV! Hats off to the Drupal Assoc and the Sydney community on from what I hear was a great event.


DrupalCon Portland Session Deadline

Don’t miss the deadline to submit your session for DrupalCon Portland. Get it in by February 15, 2013 at 11:59PM PST. That’s Friday!

Open Source Software Developer with Terminal Illness Hopes to Opt Out of Death

I’ve mentioned Aaron Winborn who is suffering from ALS before but there are new people subscribing to the newsletter every week. Aaron has been an active part of the Drupal community for many years and needs our help. Please consider helping his family.

Aegir 2.0-alpha1 Released!

Haven’t found the time to take the 2.0 alpha for a spin yet but I’m very excited about it. Aegir is a key part of my Drupal stack and a super powerful tool for hosting and managing your Drupal sites.


10 Commandments of Modern Web Design

Jared Ponchot has posted a what I would call a short manifesto over on the Lullabot site. I highly suggest you take a minute to read it and the articles he links to. Really good advice to follow.

Responsive Images: a Drupal Implementation

Over on the Four Kitchens blog Chris Ruppel shares a receipt for implementing responsive images in Drupal. Great info.

State Of The Project Application Issue Queue 2013

Everyone Can Test Patches. Really! to the Rescue!

I’ve mentioned before but this post from Cathy Theys brought to my attention again this week. Cathy outlines how to use the free service to test patches. makes it easy to spin up a Drupal site for testing, a really handy tool to have in your pocket.

Team building: How to spot a budding Drupalist

What I Learned at #DrupalCon Day 1: We Saved the Universe! We Can Rap!

Drupal Association executive director Holly Ross recaps DrupalCon Sydney.

What I Learned at #DrupalCon Day 2: Collaboration is key! So are the Kardashians!

Working from Assumptions

Emma Jane Hogbin shares how she should have started a project. Posts like this are really great.

Drupal Deployment with Git Flow

Gates Foundation: Case Study in Responsive Design

Drupal 8

Step-by-step: Converting Modules from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

Webchick’s (Angie Byron) video and slides from her Upgrading your modules to Drupal 8 talk at DrupalCon Sydney 2013, featuring the Pants module.

Help Test Unified In-place Editing - Feedback Needed

Learn Drupal 8 Now By Helping To Make It More Unified And User/developer Friendly

VDC(Views in Core) Status Update

Xjm gives us a recap of the London VDC sprint and the new features being added to Drupal 8 including core token support, bulk actions checkbox, responsive Views administration, and more.

Entity Reference Import Needs Feedback


Fun with Fonts

John Hannah of Friendly Machine has a nice tutorial to get you started with the @font-your-face module. @font-your-face allows you to use and configure web fonts in the Drupal admin.

Measuring email campaign sales with Drupal Commerce and MailChimp

Segmenting your email campaign based on Drupal Commerce product purchase activity

Configuring Varnish for Drupal

Using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as button backgrounds

Video Of Updating A Patch, Re-rolling, And Making A Tests-only Patch For The Drupal Testbot

Environment Specific Settings.php Overrides


The Module Off Challenge #3 Complete!

Using Simple Hierarchical Select Module in Drupal 7

Module Monday: Style Guide


10 FREE New Site-building Videos Released On Buildamodule

Drupal 7 HTML5 Application Cache Module

New Series: Deploying Your Code with Beanstalk

Get your deployment workflow streamlined without cracking open the terminal. Oh, and this new series from Drupalize.Me is free.


Drupalize.Me Podcast 11: DrupalCon Sydney

Acquia Podcast: Anthony Ferrara

Modules Unraveled Podcast: Aberdeen Cloud with Aaron Porter


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