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Issue 72 February 7th, 2013

DrupalCon Sydney is underway, early bird tickets to DrupalCon Portland, and some great articles and tutorials.


DrupalCon Sydney is Here – Here’s what’s happening this week

Early Bird Registration Open Until March 15th!

Don’t miss out on on this $100 discount on your DrupalCon Portland ticket.

Sprint! Sprint! Where? Anywhere! Drupal Sprint Weekend March 9 and 10


The Story of My First DrupalCon

A really great post from Angie Byron from Acquia that everyone should read. Great on so many levels.

Building a Mobile App API Using Drupal, Node.js and MongoDB

A thorough and honest look at using Drupal as the backend for a mobile app API from Tom Deryckere. Tom discusses why Node.js and MogoDB were needed to accomplish their goals with this project.

On RequireJS and JavaScript Architecture in Drupal

Hey Drupal Community! What’s on Your Mind?

Holly Ross, the new Executive Director at the Drupal Association wants to hear from the community. Also check out her appearance on this week’s Drupal Easy podcast.

Don’t Make Drupal the New Microsoft Office™!

Design Patterns in CSS

Your Javascript Should Expose APIs, Too!

Great article about two methods of working with your Javascript in Drupal in a flexible and extendable way from Joe Shindelar on

Drupal 8

User Roles are Now Configurables

Yet another cool feature of the configuration management in Drupal 8.

New Asset System Needs Developers

Drupal really needs a proper asset management system and this can make it into Drupal 8. However it will require some work. If you can help out, check out this post from Crell(Larry Garfield).

Multi-file Uploads in Drupal 8?


Extended Sprints Around DrupalCon Portland

Check Out These Amazing Featured Sessions Coming to DrupalCon Portland!


Inlining One-use JavaScript

You would never just drop a Javascript file in your theme when it is only needed by one node or view. You wouldn’t, but your friend might. In this Four Kitchens post Chris Ruppel explains how to do this properly.

Intro To Visualization API (Part 1): Views And GVA

Turn your data from Drupal into charts with this tutorial from Ivan Zugec.

How To: Start Contributing in Issue Queues

Creating a Dev Environment Quickly (on WebEnabled)


Module Monday: Mass Password Reset

High profile data breaches are happening on a weekly basis so take a moment to check out Jeff Eaton’s intro to Mass Password Reset module.

10 Cool Modules that Integrate with Drupal Views

Drupal Commerce MailChimp Module Features

Using DataTables In Drupal 7

Drupal 7 Field Collection Views Module


ToadCast 013 - Apps, Contests, Calling People Out, and My Bloody Valentine

Acquia Podcast: Meet Anthony Ferrara

Insert Content Here, Episode 9: Newspapers in Transition and the Challenge of Content Sharing with Greg Dunlap

NerdCast #5: Follow The Drupal Brick Road

DrupalEasy Podcast 98: Bad(?) 80s Music

Sydney 2013 - Training Sessions - Jeff Eaton - Modules Unraveled Podcast


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