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Issue 70 January 24th, 2013


Drupal 7.19 and 6.28 Released

This is a security release, no new features or non-security-related bug fixes.

DrupalCon in Your Hand: the DC Sydney Mobile App


Introducing the Drupal Jobs Summit!

January 28th at Droplabs in Los Angeles.

DrupalCamp Manila 2013

February 16th in Makati City, the Philippines.


How To Be A Better Than Average Programmer

Not a Drupal specific article but a good read for any programmer. Matt Farina is an experienced developer with a long track record in the Drupal community and shares some great advice in this article.

Basic Ingredients for Good Web Writing

If you are called upon to write copy for the web you should check out this short and well written post by Jessica Hui of Chapter Three.

Case Study: The OSU Student Union Multi-Site

Drupal and Mobile App Options

Drupal in Context

Tom Geller focuses on the differences between social and technical problems in this Drupal Watchdog post.

Responsive Drupal Theming, Done the Right Way… At Least For Now Anyway

Drupal 8

Automatic Interface Translation During Install: Drupal 8 Videos

Understanding Drupal 8’s Config Entities


Educating Drush

Some great Drush tips from Dan James of Deeson Online.

Agenda Module for Google Calendar Events on Your Drupal Site

Using Address Field Static Map Module In Drupal 7

How to Export Node Options and Text Formats in Drupal 7

Yet Another Trick to Reset Drupal Admin Password


Create Site Tours on Your Drupal Site with JoyRide Jquery Plugin

Very cool jQuery plugin.

Using TOC Filter Module In Drupal 7

“The TOC filter automatically generates a table of contents using header tags within a piece of content.” Check out Ivan Zugec’s screencast intro to TOC Filter.

Drupal 7 Node Clone Module

Super handy module that allows you do to exactly what the name implies. Clone a node.

Project Review Wednesday: Views Custom Style

Module Monday: Link Checker

The solution for dead links.

Drupal 7 User Referral Module

Responsive Tables In Drupal 7 With FooTable

Ivan Zugec delivers a nice intro to FooTable.

Block Up Down Drupal Module

“Block Up Down is a simple module that allows you to shift the order of blocks without going into the block administration. It does so by providing 3 new contextual links to any block: move up, move down and disable.” Check out Danny Sipos’ intro.

Drupal 7 Fences Module

Not the first mention of this module but this a nice video intro of from Code Karate.


Drupal 7 WET/WxT Variant - The Government of Canada’s Distribution

Create a Pre-Launch Site with ComingSoon Drupal Distribution


Modules Unraveled Podcast

Sydney 2013 Development Track with Mark Sonnabaum.

Acquia Podcast

Meet Erik Webb, the southern gentleman helping Drupal projects succeed.


List Your Job Here

Wanna get the word out about your great Drupal job? Getting your listing in TheWeeklyDrop is easy using our self service posting system.


We Give Back - Pantheon

If you have a Drupal community project and need a place to host it check out Pantheon. You can host your project at no cost!


List Your Job on Drupal Jobs

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