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Issue 65 December 13, 2012


Get on the waitlist! DrupalCon Sydney 2013

DrupalCon Sydney sold out last week but you can get on the waitinglist.

The Drupal Association Welcomes Holly Ross as New Executive Director


Next Drupal Global Training Day is December 14!

Free Access Dec 13–15 for the Drupal Training Days - BuildAModule

Training: Blue Collar Git

February 6th at DrupalCon Sydney.

DrupalCon Sydney Announces Drupal Business Day on Feb 6

Three Trainings Announced for DrupalCon Sydney


DrupalCon Sydney Day 2 Keynote is Senator Kate Lundy!

DrupalCon Sydney Scholarship Recipients Announced

Drupal 8

Where’s Views at Drupal 8 Feature Freeze?

“The short answer is Views is in core! Read on for details.”

Should You Be Interested In The New Drupal 8?

First Drupal 8 Multilingual User Testing Results


More Mobile Menu Options

A nice summary of various menu options that work well on mobile devices from Kendall Totten.

Inline Editing and the Cost of Leaky Abstractions

Jeff Eaton does an excellent job taking a critical look at inline editing and the problems it can cause.

Drupal Code Sniffer Setup with Sublime Text 2 on OS X

Putting On A Most Awesome DrupalCamp!

Open Source and the Power of Community -

This week Peter Welsch announced the official White House presence on Putting all politics aside this makes me proud of both our community and the Obama Administration.

Vagrant And Puppet For Drupal Development

The primates over at FunnyMonkey have been using Vagrant and Puppet and have shared why and how they are using it for Drupal dev work.

Using the Akiban Database with Drupal

Open Atrium 2.0 Code Sprint with Pantheon

A wrap up covering up what happened at the recent code sprint. Looks like good stuff is on the horizon for Open Atrium.


Easily Scheduling Periodic Tasks With Job Scheduler

A nice tutorial written by Steven Jones covering how to use Job Scheduler to schedule tasks in your own module.

Configuration Management: Update Hooks For Lazy Developers

How to Validate a Single Drupal Form Element

Handling View Modes and Regions with Display Suite in Drupal 7

Promoting Your Rss Feed On Your Drupal Site

Set Drupal Page Title And Node Title For SEO

Creating a Simple AJAX Interface with Views

Using jQuery Masonry for a Creative Pinterest Effect in Drupal

How To Create An Empty Anchor-only Link with l()? - Drupal Answers

Drupal 7 & Apache Solr in 5 Minutes


Module Monday: Word Link

Word Link module allows you to convert previously defined words to web-links. Handy dandy.


Snatching Usability From the Jaws of Drupal

Michael Keara presents his session “Snatching Usability From the Jaws of Drupal” at DrupalCamp Toronto 2012.

Our Drupal Workbench Class is Live - OSTraining


Insert Content Here - Deane Barker on CMS Trends and Content Geography

Modules Unraveled Podcast - Francesco Placella and Entity Translation in Drupal 8 Core


Environmental Defense Fund Sr. Producer

The sr. producer manages digital production, guides development of our digital infrastructure, and works with a small team to shape and execute projects to support EDF’s digital goals.

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Giant Lego Druplicon


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