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Issue 62 November 22, 2012

A little light on commentary this week, but hey. It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US. Give me a break. Enjoy.



Transliteration is in Core

Glad to hear this module made it into core. I install it on almost every site I launch. Transliteration converts unicode strings to ASCII chars. Team Week Notes #12

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Drupal 8

Let’s Get Pathauto in Core!


How Drupal Returns A Page Request

Blair Wadman has written a great blog post breaking down how Drupal builds a page. It’s a good read.

Automating Drupal Deployment

Drupalcamp Pakistan session notes from Dominique De Cooman.

Content Staging Initiative: Improving Digital Workflow for Efficient Content Publishing


6 Free Responsive Themes for Drupal 7

Gridset + Sass = Clean, Semantic Layouts


How To Effectively Dump A Drupal Database?

What Api Function Do I Use For Redirecting To External URLs?

Somebody Is Trying To Brute Force The Password

Modules, Distros, and Tools

Drupal 7 Views Bulk Operations module

A video into to VBO from Code Karate. VBO is one of my favorite modules. So handy.

Drupal 7 Module Templates for Sublime Text 2

Haven’t had time to try this out yet but it sounds great!

Module Monday: Permissions Grid

Commerce Shipping Brings A Lot To The Table

The Architecture Module

An Open Drupal CMS platform for Australian Government Websites

aGov is a common, open platform for digital publishing, providing real incentives for public sector agencies to collaborate and innovate.

Drupal 7 SEO Checklist Module

Drupal Module Builder Module

Creating Touch friendly books in Drupal

Cool little javascript library called Quo.js that helps with navigation. Check out how Bryan uses it in Drupal book nodes.

Panelizer and Drupal

A webinar from Mediacurrent introducing the Panelizer module.

Drupal 7 Better Exposed Filters


DrupalEasy Podcast 93: Managing Expectations

Drupalize.Me Podcast 6: Climbing the Drupal Ladder

046 Fabian Franz and Twig in Drupal 8 Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast


CTools and Drupal

Another Mediacurrent webinar. This one covers a module most of you have installed but may not know much about.

How to Install the Wordpress Kickstart Profile


HUGE! A Drupal Site with 381 modules, 174GB MySQL Database, And 200 Million Row Tables

Slides from Khalid Baheyeldin’s session at Drupal Camp Toronto 2012.

Work Flow for Small Teams and Solo Developers

A nice slidedeck from Emma Jane Hogbin.


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