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Issue 61 November 15, 2012


Drupal 7.17 Released

Drupal 7.17 is a maintenance release with numerous bug fixes (no security fixes).

Conference Sessions Announced for DrupalCon Sydney

Report from BADCamp 2012 Views Usability Testing

CMI Fundraising Update

I had the pleasure of attending Greg’s session at BADCamp and the CMI progress is very exciting.

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Drush 7.x–5.8 Released

Bug fixes and a ton of small improvements in this release.

Introducing Seed: Drush-based server management

Seed is a set of Drush commands which allow you to perform actions such as setting up new user accounts, creating MySQL databases and setting up new projects for developers. Looks interesting.

Apollo Launched!

The folks at Pantheon have been busy making improvements to their Drupal hosting platform. Specifically the Pantheon dashboard. Check out Josh Koenig’s screencast that highlights the features.


Drupal Weekend 2012

November 25, 2012 in Budapest, Hungary.

Upcoming Drupal Global Training Day

December 14th, 2012

Drupal 8

Views got Merged

What Views in core means for Views.

Drupal 8 Progress from My / MongoDB Perspective: Update #6

Multilingual Issues for the Last 3 Weeks Before Drupal 8 Feature Freeze


Our Approach to Data Migration for the Upgrade

Joe Shindelar discusses the migration of from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 using Jenkins CI, bash shell, drush and the migrate module.

Fired Any Customers Lately?

5 Modules That Will Help You Build Awesome Menus

Migrate, Present…

…and Migrate, Future

Improving Our Use of PHP Namespaces

Batch updating Drupal 7 field data

BADCamp: Flexible Image Galleries with File Entities


Compass, Aurora, and Corona… Oh my!

If you are a themer who uses Compass, Susy, or Sass you will want to check out this post from Ian Carrico.

Omega Custom Layouts in a Flash!

Exploring Foundation for My Future Theming Needs


Numbering Views Results

Handy tip from Daniel Sipos who has been been doing a ton of writing lately.

Capturing E-mails on a Drupal Development Site

As someone who has had to explain why hundreds of emails were sent out from a testing site, do yourself a favor and read this post by Gergely Lekli.

Getting Started with JSON in Drupal 7

Building an Online Petition feature in Drupal using CRM Core

Content Staging with Apache Solr


Module Monday: Field Formatter CSS Class

Authcache Addons: Authcache Actions & Ajax Pane

Project Review Wednesday: Chosen Select

Chosen Select module uses jQuery Select2 to add new widgets to traditional select inputs.

Draggable Blocks with the Homebox Module

Making a Dashboard? Check out Homebox module.


Drupal Development Workflow with Git

Check out Shawn DeArmond’s session from BADCamp 2012. The video is linked towards the end of the post.

Drupal 7 Login Destination Module


Insert Content Here, Episode 4: Karen McGrane on Content Strategy for Mobile

A really great episode covering a variety of topics around content, Content Management Systems, and Karen McGrane’s new book Content Strategy for Mobile.

ToadCast 011 - Drupal, BADCamp, and Dev Tools

045 Thomas Seidl and the Search API Module - Modules Unraveled Podcast


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