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Issue 59 November 1, 2012

I'm really looking forward to BADCamp this weekend. Hope to see a ton of Weekly Drop readers there. I have a box of TheWeeklyDrop t-shirts to give away.


Drupal Company Acquia Launches New Cloud Media Management Service

Not a lot of details about Acquia Media Cloud yet but it sounds simular to Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Files.

Draft for Drupal Community Working Group Charter

Trekk Beta 3 Released

Trekk is a Drupal Distribution for Universities.


Proposed REST API for Entities


Memory Usage Revisited: When The Open Buffet Is Not To Blame, Rather Views

My favorite Drupal performance blog 2bits has a great post this week. Check your php performance folks.

Managing Drupal projects with Git Flow

If A Website Launches in the Cloud and No One’s Around to See It, Does It Make A Dime?

Great post from Chapter Three’s Susan McCormick on marketing your Drupal site and some basic SEO tips.

Testing Drupal Distributions Using Behat, Mink, Drupal Extension, And Travis CI

So You Want to Build a Drupal Product…

A really nice decision tree made in Prezi for deciding if you should build a Drupal product. Very nicely done.

Parallel indexing for Apache Solr Search Integration

Explaining the Drupal


Building Drupal Style Tiles using Foundation and SCSS

Check out Andrea Burton’s post on using Foundation to create HTML/CSS Style Tiles. As a bonus Andrea has include her talk from the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit.

Don’t Start Your Front-end Development From Scratch, Use A Framework


Creating a Drupal Slideshow with Views Slideshow

Checkout this OSTraining tutorial covering setting up a basic slideshow with my good buddy Adam Moore’s module.

Drush 5 Installation and Basics for Windows

Talking to Drupal with Node.js

Better New Relic Reporting on Sites with Panels

Having recently jumped into the deep end of the Panels world this post from Andrew Morton intrigued me. If you’d like to use New Relic’s transaction tools to find performance bottlenecks in your site’s Panel pages you’re in luck.

Disabling all of Drupal’s Cache (D6 and D7)

Nick Veenhof offers a super handy development tip.

Latin Grammys Graduation

Lullabot Jerad Bitner outlines the migration of a custom Ruby on Rails CMS to Drupal 7.

Remote Entities in Drupal 7

Marrying Facets and Exposed Filters

Make your Facet API Search more user friendly.

Simple Contact Form Per Content Item With Entityform


Drupal Menu Attributes

Corralling Permissions Into A Grid

Introducing Field Collection Tabs Formatter


The Features Module of Distribution Development(Profiler)

It’s been a while since I have used the Profiler module and it looks like it’s come a long way. Profiler basically helps you make your own install profile in the same way that the Features module allows you to package your content types and views.

Overview of the Omega Theme


The Creative Process: Episode 2

An interview with Alex Cornell.

Insert Content Here: Episode 3

Jeff Eaton chats with Erin Kissane about the past and future of web standards.

Modules Unraveled Podcast 43

Robin Barre and the Workbench Suite.


Drupal T-shirt Style

A nice collection of Drupal shirts. Didn’t see TheWeeklyDrop shirt though. Did I mention I’ll be giving away shirts at BADCamp this weekend?


Web Developer at Aten Design Group in Denver

Aten Design Group is dedicated to creating meaningful user experiences, rooted in powerful open-source solutions. We are seeking versatile Drupal developers to join our team.

Co-Developer / CTO / Partner

Take over management of our day to day operations and take this site to the next level in mapping, mobile and API's! The ideal candidate will be great at both the back-end (module development, site maintenance) and front-end work (css, theming, javascript, jquery, ux).

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