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Issue 568 - January, 19th 2023


Drupal Core - Moderately Critical - Information Disclosure - SA-CORE-2023-001

Drupal Association Blog: Community Input Survey 2023 : Help Us Create the Drupal Open Web Manifesto

Drupal-Specific Tags Have Been Removed from Nodes and Taxonomy Term Pages

The Drop Times: DrupalCon Pittsburg Early Bird Registration from February 13

The Service views.views_data Is Now Backend-Overridable

"The service views.views_data is now backend-overridable, which will allow non-SQL databases to alter the Views data after all hook_views_data_alter() have run."

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Articles Blog: What's New on - Q4 2022

Event Organizers: Event Organizers: 2022 Year in Review

Developer Time Is Precious. Want More of It?

Developers are already overwhelmed, and many are heading for burnout. But there’s a way you can support them - with ZeroOps. ZeroOps does the “ops” side of things, so your developers can focus on the “apps". Don’t wait any longer - free your developers and give them back their time today. Our latest white paper shows you how.

Matt Glaman: Launching My Wife's Cookie Shop Web Store with Drupal 10 and Square

I have to say I love this article from Matt Glaman. Great to see Drupal Commerce being used for a small business. In my humble opinion Drupal Commerce doesn't get enough praise.


Ben's SEO Blog: The Google Tag Manager Module

DrupalEasy: Easy Fix for Phantom Duplicate Custom Module Files (Due to Composer) in Popular IDEs

Specbee: Installing Drupal 9 on Windows Subsystem for Linux from Scratch

Get Ready for Planning Your 2023 Digital Budget! | Symetris

Symetris News│As we enter the new year of 2023, it’s important to consider what budgeting lessons we have learned in recent years so that we can plan accordingly. This blog article provides 4 recommendations to help build your 2023 digital budget plan.


Drupal 10.0.2

Drupal 9.5.2

Drupal 9.4.10

Chosen 3.0.5

Docker4drupal 5.7.1

Swiftmailer 8.x-2.4

views_slideshow 5.0.0

Webform 6.0.8

Webform 6.1.4

Lando v3.9.0


DrupalEasy: DrupalEasy Podcast S14E4 - Ted Bowman - How to Test Automatic Updates

Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #382 - Automated A11y Testing with Nightwatch


DrupalCamp NJ 2023 Will Be Held March 16-18, 2023 in Princeton, NJ

We are looking for sessions on the full range of web development topics. Get your session in no later than Wednesday, February 1 (11:59 pm EST). Register now for early bird pricing.


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