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Issue 565 - December, 15th 2022

This is the last issue of the year. As I do every year I'll be taking some time off for the holidays. TheWeeklyDrop will be back on January 5th to kick off 2023!

~ Bob - editor guy


Block Content Now Provides a UI for Viewing, Reverting and Deleting Revisions

Drupal 10 Core Stops Using *.es6.js Files — *.js Files Can Now Contain ES6 Directly

Responsive Image Tags Support Loading="lazy"

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Evolving Web: Drupal 10 Is Coming. Here’s What to Expect.

Explore the Best of Drupal 10 - Mike Herchel

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Symetris | the Complete Guide to Switching Digital Agency (Whitepaper)

This whitepaper will guide you through determining when it's time to change digital agency, how to select the right agency for your company, and how to ensure a smooth transition.

Xjm: Fund Xjm as a Drupal Core Release Manager


#! Code: Drupal 9: Loading Configuration Entities Using Entity Query

Deliver Electrifying CX with a Headless CMS

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Evolving Web: Picture Perfect: Selecting and Preparing Images for the Web

Mike Herchel's Blog: Using ECA to Send Emails When a Field’s Value Changes

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Specbee: 7 Drupal Security Strategies You Need to Implement Right Away! (Includes Top Drupal 9 Security Modules)


anonymous_login 8.x-2.1

autocomplete_id 8.x-1.5

block_class 2.0.9

Cdn 4.0.1

Cdn 8.x-3.6

current_year 1.0.2

custom_elements 8.x-2.3

Drupal 10.0.0-Rc3

Drupal 7.93

Drupal 9.4.9

Drupal 9.5.0-Rc2

Entityqueue 8.x-1.4

json_table 1.0.10

json_users_import 1.0.2

Maxlength 2.0.1

module_builder 8.x-3.27

openapi_jsonapi 3.0.4

reroute_email 2.2.0

Tome 8.x-1.8


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The Drop Times: 4 Videos to Get Accustomed to Drupal 10 Before Launch


Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #377 - Drupal State


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