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Issue 563 - December, 1st 2022


JavaScript Minification

"Drupal now minifies JavaScript files on-the-fly when JavaScript aggregation is enabled, using the peast library. This results in a pre-gzipped size reduction of file by up to around 2/3rds. The process removes comments, whitespace, and extra parenthesis, it does not "uglify" or change variable names."

Text Fields Can Enforce a Specific Text Format

yarn.lock and package.json Now Blocked by Default .htaccess and web.config

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Chromatic Insights: Survive or Thrive? Deciding on a Path Forward with Drupal 7

Colorfield: A Minimal and Fast Drupal Environment (Part 2)

Common Blind Spots to Keep in Mind Before Selecting Your Next Agency

Symetris Blog │It’s a common issue: agencies’ focus tends to be on external conversion metrics but not internal success, like efficiency, cost savings, or how successfully the back-end user interacts with a platform. When you find a new agency, you might expect all your problems to be solved, only to realize that you face new challenges. What can be done to smooth the process? Blog: What's New on - Q3 2022 Drupal JSON-API Params (DJAP)

The Drop Times: Drupal 10 Preparation


#! Code: Drupal 9: Extending Drupal Base Classes Without Overriding Constructors

Acquia Named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for DXP

Learn how Acquia has been evaluated with other vendors in the DXP space and learn why we believe Acquia stands out.

OpenSense Labs: Overview of Drupal & Pattern Lab

Specbee: Getting Started with Layout Builder in Drupal 9 - a Complete Guide

Specbee: Things You Need for a Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 Upgrade - a Checklist

Web Wash: Add Theme Suggestion to Menus Using Menu Block in Drupal


Cookies 1.1.2

crop_image 1.2.1

decoupled_toolbox 1.5.1-Rc3

environment_indicator 4.0.11

google_calendar 8.x-2.5

jsonapi_extras 8.x-3.23

json_table 1.0.8

module_builder 8.x-3.26

require_login 3.0.3

role_expire 2.0.4

role_expire 3.0.0

search_api_page 8.x-1.0

Storage 1.2.3

upgrade_status 8.x-3.18

views_migration 1.2.0


Talking Drupal #375 - Being a Creative Director

Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #374 - Neurodiversity


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