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Issue 56 October 11, 2012

Congratulations to Pedro Cambra(pcambra) and Morten Birch Heide-Jørgensen(mortendk) on their elections to the Drupal Association.


Drupal On The Cover of Linux Journal

Linux Journal is offering a free download of the October 2012 issue featuring Drupal.

Call for Organizers: Google-Code-In 2012

Coder Talks Wanted for DrupalCon Sydney


Drupal Camp Montreal 2012

October 13th at McGill University in Montreal.

DrupalCamp Spain 2012

October 20th - 21st in Madrid, Spain.

Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit

October 20th - 21st in Seattle, Washington.

DrupalCamp South Florida

October 20th at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

DrupalCamp Copenhagen 4.0

October 26th - 28th in Copenhagen.

Drupal 8

A Drupal Developer in Symfony Land

Mark Ferree gives a nice primer on Drupal 8’s inclusion of the Symfony framework.

My Progress On Drupal 8: Update #4

New Routing System Needs Dx Feedback And Follow-ups


Deblobbing Your Chunks: Building a Flexible Content Model

Sometimes the content part of the content management system is not given the attention it needs. In this post Jeff Eaton covers some good approaches to content architecture that are applicable to any content management system.

Does Drupal Target Developers?

Ugly Code, Debating It, and Successful Products

Finding All the Things at the Engineering Hackathon

Peter Wolanin shares how he and his team built a documentation search site for Acquia in 24 hours. There’s some cool stuff in his post.

Development Team Best Practices

Some good tips from a veteren Drupaler.

Building a New Feature for CRM Core


Creating a Linkit Plugin

Create The Ultimate Google Analytics Dashboard For Drupal - Part 3

Automatic User Login For Anonymous Checkout

Executing Arbitrary Javascript From A Forms API #ajax Callback

Responsive Design: Mobile Menu Options

Nice post from Kendall Totten covering various responsive menu approaches.


Using Entities in a Drupal Project

Peter Mallett discusses Entities and EnityAPI and why you would use them in your next Drupal project.

Drupal 7 Strongarm Module

Creating Different Versions Of The Same Page (Variants)

Modules and Tools

Module Monday: Inline Entity Form

This week Jeff covers a very handy module that makes the task of creating content that has complex entity relationships easy. You can do it on one form even! The module is a must for any Drupal Commerce site.

View Mode Page Module

An Introduction to Bean Module

Project Review Wednesday: Admin Toggle

Rocking The Docs With Rainbows

This isn’t a new site but I heard about it on Twitter this week and thought I would pass it along. It makes formatting your documentation easier. That’s cool.


Drupalize.Me Podcast 3: The 3 W’s of the Drupal 8 Initiatives - Who, What, and Why?

DrupalEasy Podcast 90: Caviar and Cosmic Dreams

040 Eric Peterson and the Better Statistics Module - Modules Unraveled Podcast


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