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Issue 556 - October, 6th 2022


Security Advisories: Drupal Core - Critical - Multiple Vulnerabilities - SA-CORE-2022-016

Dries Buytaert: State of Drupal Presentation (September 2022)

Dries post includes his slides as well as the video of his presentation.

Drupal Core Now Ships Native CSS Logical Properties.

A New 'in_preview' Variable Is Available to Block and Layout Templates

Layout Builder's ConfigureSectionForm Now Has Public Methods to Get the Current Section and Layout

OEmbed Type Fields Support Eager or Lazy Loading

Rewrite Rules for Gzipped CSS and JavaScript Aggregates Changed

Set Default Values in settings.php for the Migrate Drupal UI (/upgrade)

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Mike Herchel's Blog: New |add_suggestion Twig Filter Added to Drupal 10!

Building Decoupled Better

#! Code: DrupalCon Prague 2022

Dispatches from DrupalCon Prague - Promet Source

DrupalCon Prague 2022: Recap of Europe’s Biggest Drupal Event - ImageX

Lemberg Solutions: DrupalCon Prague 2022: Developer’s POV

Metadrop: The Form API at the DrupalCon Prague

Gear for Developers - FortheDev

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Specbee: What Makes Drupal Websites More SEO-Friendly

Spinning Code: What I Brought from Drupal to Salesforce

The Drop Times: DDI Camp Session Recordings Are Live!


How to Create a Custom Block in Drupal 8/9/10

Right-to-Left Script Done Right in Drupal | Cocomore Blog

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Drupal 10.0.0-Beta2

Drupal 9.5.0-Beta2

automatic_updates 8.x-2.3

block_class 2.0.7

Cas 2.1.0

Devel 4.2.1

Devel 5.0.2

Docker4drupal 5.6.8

Drupal Console v1.9.10

environment_indicator 4.0.10

file_delete 2.0.0

Honeypot 2.1.2

Iframe 8.x-2.19

Mediaelement 2.0.0

Metatag 8.x-1.22

Profile 8.x-1.6

Subrequests 3.0.6

unpublished_nodes_redirect 2.0.2

views_bulk_operations 4.1.6


Lullabot Podcast: Healthy Minds @Lullabot

Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #367 - Don’t Game the Credit System


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