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Issue 552 - September, 8th 2022


Drupal Core No Longer Includes the EasyRDF Development Dependency Blog: What’s New on - Q2 2022

RDF Has Been Removed from Core in 10.0.0.

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Articles Blog: DrupalCon Prague 2022 – Which Sessions to Check Out?

Component Libraries: Blocks

An interesting component module for Drupal.

Drupal Association Blog: Meet the 2022-2023 Discover Drupal Student Cohort! 

DrupalCon Prague Is Right Around the Corner - Join There

We’re thrilled to be going to Prague from Sept. 20-23, and we hope you’ll stop by our DrupalCon booth to chat with our team, see a live demo, and learn more about ZeroOps, the new practice that’s changing the game for busy developer teams everywhere. Plus, we have really cool swag. It’s not too late to register today.

DrupalEasy: Are Cheatsheets Still a Thing for Drupal Developers?

DXPR Builder 2.0.0-Rc1 Is Now Available as Free Download on

Mike Herchel's Blog: Smashing Magazine Article on Olivero’s Menu System

Smart Date: Community-Driven Features and the Road Ahead

The Drop Times: Drupal Migration: Steps to Migrate to Drupal 9

The Drop Times: Now a UI Utility for Release Notes


#! Code: Drupal 9: Generating Header Images for Pages of Content Using PHP

An inside Look at Acquia’s Path to Drupal 9

Join, Dries Buytaert, Acquia Founder & CTO, along with digital experts from Acquia and, to learn best practices for migrating from D7 to D9. Simplified Drupal Field Template (But the Same Markup Rendered)

Specbee: How to Implement Algolia Search in Drupal 9 (Part 1)


Charts 5.0.2

Cloud 4.4.0

Docker4drupal 5.6.6

email_contact 8.x-1.4

environment_indicator 4.0.8

file_download_link 2.0.2

Geocoder 8.x-4.2

Iframe 8.x-2.18

layout_builder_styles 8.x-1.0

Monolog 2.2.0

Rdf 2.0.2

require_login 3.0.1

Samlauth 8.x-3.7

Shield 8.x-1.7

theme_selector 1.0.2

upgrade_status 8.x-3.17

user_history 8.x-1.0

Visitors 8.x-2.12

workbench_access 8.x-1.0

workbench_email 2.3.2


Talking Drupal #363 - Working Within Your Values


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