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Issue 550 - August, 25th 2022


Bartik Theme Is Deprecated from Drupal 9, Removed from Drupal 10, Available in Contrib

"Bartik is deprecated in Drupal 9.5.0 and not included with Drupal 10. The default front end theme is now its modern replacement: Olivero. New installations of Drupal 10 install Olivero by default. If your existing site uses Bartik as-is, we recommend switching to Olivero."

Color Module Removed from Core

My take, removing things from core is almost always a positive.

Aggregator Module Is Removed from Core

Another positive for Drupal core. For those that use this functionality, the module has been moved to contrib.

Drupal's Component Packages Are Now Semi-Automated from Drupal/drupal's Update Script

Ignore Successive Slashes in Incoming URL Paths (Like Drupal 7)

Seven Theme Is Deprecated

"Drupal 10 includes the modern Claro administration theme. New installations of Drupal 10 install Claro by default. If your existing site uses Seven as-is, we suggest switching to Claro instead."

The Method DrupalCoreDatabaseConnection::lastInsertId() Is Now Part of the Public Database API

Community Working Group Posts: Code of Conduct Team Update: August 10, 2022

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Matt Glaman: Drupal: Cache Tags for All, Regardless Your Backend Open Source Runs on Non-Code Contributions

Specbee: The Ultimate Guide to Jumpstart Your Drupal Contribution Journey

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The Drop Times: Gaming the Issue Credit System: Is the Problem Real or Perceived?


#! Code: Drupal 9: Creating a Minimal Content Entity

Metadrop: Mocking Third-Party API in Development and Test Environments

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Taxonomy Views Integrator Drupal Module - Overview | Droptica

Web Wash: How to Add Noindex to Pages Using Metatag in Drupal


backup_migrate 5.0.2

Bartik 1.0.2

Coder 8.3.16

Color 1.0.2

Contacts 2.0.0

Ddev v1.21.1

entity_block 8.x-1.1

Group 8.x-1.5

key_value_field 8.x-1.3

login_redirect_per_role 8.x-1.9

Memcache 8.x-2.5

Radix 5.0.3

smart_date 3.6.0

taxonomy_menu_trails 7.x-2.6

Ultimenu 8.x-2.8

Visitors 8.x-2.11


Hacking Culture - Yvette Erasmus on Building Healthy Relationships with Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Lullabot Podcast: Drupal Automatic Updates—The Update

Talking Drupal #361 - Drupal Credit System


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