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Issue 55 October 4, 2012

If you haven't voted yet you need to get on that right away. The polls close on October 7th. Go vote! A big week for Drupal 8 with "Link module, Actions module, Ban module, KeyValueStore, Field widgets as plugins, Responsive tables" all moving into Drupal 8 and Views in Core becoming an official initative.


Why I’m voting for whom I’m voting for in the Drupal Association Election

Laura Scott shares her thoughts on the Drupal Association elections. You still have time to vote. Make sure you take the time to do it. You have until October 7th.

Views in Drupal 8

Dries makes Views in Drupal Core an official initiative. Great news!

VDC Update and Announcement

Earl Miles gives an update on the status of the Views in Drupal Core initiative.


Next Steps for Drupal Commerce

Ryan Szrama gives us a brief overview of the latest hotness in the Drupal Commerce project.


DrupalCon Sydney 2013

February 6–9 2013 Sydney, Australia.

DrupalPicchu 2014

January 2014 Cusco, Peru

DrupalCamp Chicago 2012

November 10th, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.

Articles & Tutorials

Understanding Drupal 8’s Plugin System

Acceptance Testing for Drupal - Behat and Mink

Behavior Driven Development? Bhat is a PHP port of the popular Ruby testing framework Cucumber. When combined with Mink(PHP port of Ruby’s Capybara) you can turn plain laguage descriptions into tests. A great article from Melissa Anderson.

Coming to Terms with a Taxonomy Strategy

Drupal-Salesforce Integration: A State of the Union, pt. 1

Salesforce is… well, a force. Learn how to integrate it into your Drupal sites from webforms to e-commerce.

3 Easy Steps to Drupal Unit Tests

Get you feet wet with Unit tests with this tutorial from Erik Summerfield.

Scheduled Publishing with Workbench Moderation

Line Breaks Instead of Paragraphs in TinyMCE (by default)

Set Up Restricted Access for Certain Nodes

A nice and simple way to do access control on your Drupal content.

Create the ultimate Google Analytics Dashboard for Drupal Part II

In part two we learn how to use views to create advanced Google Analytics Dashboards in your Drupal site.

Excluding Modules From Being Updated

Install and configure BIND DNS Server in Windows 7

Yes. It’s true. A Windows related post.


Module Monday: Geocoder


The Creative Process: Episode 1

Epi 1 of Lullabot’s latest podcast. Haven’t had a chance to check it out yet but I’m sure it’s great.

039 Drupal Association Elections - Modules Unraveled Podcast


How to Use Drupal in 7 Hours for Beginners

Check out this Free Drupal e-book. Haven’t read it, but it’s free.


Drupal Themer (London – Full Time)

Are you a front end web developer with excellent HTML and CSS skills? If so, you could join our TechCity team of Drupal experts. We are looking for a CSS front end guru with a solid foundation in web standards and preferably an understanding of Drupal.

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