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Issue 546 - July, 28th 2022


Drupal Hosting Provider Joins Mirantis

Download Links Removed from Available Updates Report

PHP 8.0 or Higher Is Now Recommended for Drupal 9.4

Rel="canonical" and Rel="shortlink" Links Are No Longer Added as HTTP Headers

The Public Stream Wrapper Can No Longer Be Used to Access Private Files if the Private Files Directory Is inside the Public Files Diretory

The RDF Module Is No Longer Enabled by Default in the 'Standard' Profile

Update Timestamp Database Column from Integer to Bigint for the Y2K38 Bug

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Community Working Group Posts: New Drupal Community Working Group Conflict Resolution Team Member: JD Flynn

Drupal Association Blog: DrupalCon Agency Dinner Follow-Up - Giving Back Blog

The DrupalEasy Learning Community – It’s Official!

After more than a decade, the DrupalEasy Learning Community has evolved into a unique demonstration of how important a strong community is to learning and giving and getting the most out of Drupal.

Lullabot: The Dangers of Inline Editing Structured Content

OpenSense Labs: The New Features and Improvements in Drupal 10

The Drop Times: Top Drupal 9 Modules to Build and Maintain Web Communities


Mike Herchel's Blog: Supporting an Unknown Amount of Menu Items Within Olivero’s Menu

Peoples BLOG: Usage of Local Php Security Checker for Drupal Applications

Free Webinar: Navigating Next Steps for Your Drupal 7 Site

On Wednesday, August 10th at 12pm MDT, Aten’s VP of Engineering and Director of Project Management will lay out the options for your Drupal 7 website, explain why now is the time to start making plans for a move, and the pros/cons of moving to Drupal 9/10, Backdrop CMS, and WordPress.

Specbee: Setting Up Responsive Images in Drupal 9 - a Step-by-Step Guide


admin_toolbar 3.1.1

Captcha 8.x-1.4

Ctools 8.x-3.9

Editablefields 1.0.1

smart_date 3.6.0-Rc2


Hacking Culture Podcast: Nicole Lovald on Yoga, Meditation, Therapy, and Mental Health

Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #357 - GraphQL


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