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Issue 53 September 20, 2012 turns 1(check out issue 1). Thank you for reading my newsletter. It's been a fun ride.


Update Election 2013

Drupal is not just software. It’s a community of great people. Take some time this week to review the Association elections and become an active member of this great community.

2013 “At Large” Director Candidates

This is quite a the list.

The Cancellation Of Drupalcon São Paulo 2012

I really feel for the people who put a ton of effort into trying to make DrupalCon São Paulo happen.


RedHen in the Wild: Mission Investors Exchange

The CRM RedHen project is coming along nicely.

Drupal 7 Core Developers Are … - Not Conclusive

There is no “they” in Drupal. In case you missed it, there was a post in the Drupal Planet feed that was a critique about the way core handles uids. Seems like a very minor issue to me but the thing that raised eyebrows was the way the author referred to Drupal core developers as they. This is an Open Source project folks.

Getting started with Meteor and Derby on your own server

Text Formats 101: How Drupal Filters Work

Every Drupal site builder, themer and developer should understand how Drupal’s text filters work. Take a minute a read this.

Using Amazon Cloudfront with Drupal

Leverage Eager, New Drupal Talent for Free. Really.

If you are all complaining about the shortage of Drupal talent you need to read this.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 PHP Requirements Increased

Drupal 8’s php requirement is being increase to PHP 5.3.5 on October 1st.

Drupal 8 is Coming

Alex Rayu of PINGV gives us a good recap of what is coming in Drupal 8. And soon!

Making Drupal 8 Mobilicious, The Time To Shape Our Future Is Now

Tips & Tutorials

How To Customise An Exported Feature For A Particular Site

Get Your IDEntity or How To Get Entity Id In Drupal 7?

Switching Installation Profiles on Existing Drupal Sites

Drupal 7 Prevent Duplicating JavaScript Behaviors

Configure Chrome Search Engines to Search the Drupal API

Feeds: Importing Multiple Values Into One Multi-value Field

Creating A Table With Draggable Weights In Drupal 7


Drupal 7 Redirect Module

Shane Thomas of Code Karate is on fire creating a ton of nice tutorial videos. Check out his site.

Drupal 7 Field Group Module

5 New Videos on Hacker Attacks

Been a while since I featured a post from This video jumped out at me. “What an SQL injection attack is and how to create one”, now that sounds like fun.


DrupalEasy Podcast 89: Independent Front Enders

Insert Content Here: Episode 1

Lullabot’s latest new podcast is hosted by Jeff Eaton and Jeff Robbins in which they discuss the meaning of Content Strategy.

037 Mike Pirog and Twitter Bootstrap and Drupal - Modules Unraveled Podcast


Module Monday: Clientside Validation

Introducing Better Statistics and the Statistics API

Quick Tip: Dive Into Drupal Objects with Search Krumo


Drupal 6 End Of Life - Drupal Answers

Wondering when do you need to start thinking about migration that old Drupal 6 site?


Mid Weight PHP/Drupal Developer - Full Time, London UK

If you’re an experienced PHP developer with little or no experience in Drupal, but would like to learn, this is the role for you! We’re a team of Drupal enthusiasts based in London’s Tech City and were looking for a passionate developer to join our team, so we can train and mold you into a Drupal warrior.

ThinkShout is hiring Drupal developers!

Well, we're at it again...our team is growing as we take on more and more exciting web application development projects mostly, but not exclusively, in Drupal. ThinkShout is looking to hire both a senior Drupal engineer and a site-builder with project management skills.

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