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Issue 522 - February, 10th 2022


Drupal 10 PHP Requirements Will Be Announced at Least Five Months Before Drupal 10.0.0

DrupalCon News: DrupalCon Advisory Board - We Want You!

drupal_find_theme_functions() Is Marked Internal

Joyride Library Deprecated

TipPluginInterface getOutput and getAttributes Methods Deprecated

Tour Schema Properties 'location' and 'attributes' Deprecated

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Evolving Web: Making Better UX Choices: Advice for Drupal Developers

Interview with Justin Toupin, CEO of Aten Design Group: Enhancing Drupal's Authoring Experience

Long(er)-Term Support for Drupal 10 Drupal 6 Security Update for Colorbox Module

Promet Source: 5 Critical Facts to Know About Drupal Now

Announcing... Acquia Triple Certified

It's finally time to announce the name that’ll replace "Drupal Grand Master." To learn more about the selection and why we made the change, check out our post.

Specbee: Getting Started with Lando and Drupal 9


Matt Glaman: Writing Drush Commands with PHP Attributes

Web Wash: Add Autocomplete Search Results to Text Fields in Drupal

When to Use hook_update_N & hook_post_update_NAME?

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Colorbox 8.x-1.8

Commerce 8.x-2.29

csv_importer 8.x-1.13

Drupal 9.2.12

Drupal 9.3.4

Drupal 9.3.5

drupal_helper 8.x-2.12

force_users_logout 2.0.0

iP_anon 8.x-1.13

jsonapi_boost 2.0.2

Lando v3.6.2

role_expire 2.0.2

Securelogin 8.x-1.14

simple_sitemap 4.1.1


Tag1 Team Talk: Jody Hamilton on Founding an Agency, and Life Beyond Drupal

Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #333 - Behat


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