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Issue 52 September 13, 2012


Updated Drupal 8 release schedule

Dries Buytaert gives us a look at what the next steps toward a Drupal 8 release will look like.

Next Drupal Global Training Day is September 14!

Add a “My Mentors” Profile Field to User Accounts

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Articles and Tutorials

Pay It Forward

Daniel F. Kudwien (sun) makes the case for mentoring, attending your local Drupal user group and building a Drupal 8 site with your local group. Gotta say, I’m inspired by this. Daniel is on to something here.

Integrating FBOAuth with Services

Leaving Drupal is Hard to Do

Bryan Ruby of CMS Report has some nice things to say about the Drupal community. Best of luck to you Bryan.

Managing per Project Installation Profiles

Dave Hall shares his process of using install profiles for client projects. I use a simular process when starting new projects. Install profiles are the future man!

Help Mentor New Contributors on

Outputting a Drupal 7 View programmatically with Contextual Filters (arguments)

APC Caching to Dramatically Reduce MySQL Traffic

What To Do Before Your Drupal 7 Site Has Launched

This post focuses on creating a nice coming soon countdown page with an email signup form.

The Drupal Ladder


Drupal 7 Features Module Introduction

Views Dataviz Module

Write a Patch

If you have never written a patch please watch this video from Drupalize.Me.

99-part Drupal Learning Series Completed!

This is Johan Falk’s swan song. He’s moving on to new things outside of the Drupal world. So if you haven’t checked out any of his videos yet, do yourself a favor check this series out.

Drupal 7 Features Module Deployment

The Omega Theme

Kendall Totten of Media Current walks us through the famous Omega Theme.


Module Monday: Token Formatters

Jeff Eaton features another handy module this week.

Dismiss Module

Four Kitchens announces a cool little module that “adds a jQuery-powered ”dismiss“ button to all Drupal messages”.

Project Review Wednesday: Password Field Module


DrupalEasy Podcast 88: Oh the Huge Manatee!

The DrupalEasy crew chats with Wim Leers about the very cool Spark Distribution. Podcast: Episode 1

The inaugural episode is a good one covering DrupalCon Munich.


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