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Issue 515 - December, 9th 2021


Drupal 10 Minimum PHP Requirement Raised to PHP 8.0.0

Administer Content Types Permission No Longer Allows Content Creation

UserLoginForm Constructor Now Takes bare_html_page_renderer Service

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An Introduction to Services, Plugins and Events in Drupal

Jacob Rockowitz: Part 2: Good Drupal Leadership: What Is a Good Plan for Implementing a Drupal Website/application for Organizations?

Jacob Rockowitz: Part 3: Good Drupal Leadership: What Is the Process for Organizations Building and Maintaining a Drupal Website/application?

The Gutenberg Editor in Drupal: What It Is Like & How It Works


Drupal 9: Remove the Nodes Marked as "noindex" from Search API Results

Make Your Drupal 9 CKEditor Pop - 7 Useful Modules You Didn't Know Existed

Programmatically Creating a Block in Drupal 9 – A Brief Tutorial

Taste of the Holidays Drupal Train of Thought…

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body_style_image 8.x-1.6

config_import_single 1.0.4

Drupal 7.83

graphql_responsive_image 8.x-1.2

Swiftmailer 8.x-2.1

Token 8.x-1.10

user_email_verification 8.x-1.1

views_add_button 2.0.2

view_mode_switch 2.0.2

Webform 6.1.1

Xmlsitemap 8.x-1.2


Tag1 Team Talks: Michael Schmid Talks About Contributing to Drupal -20 Years of Drupal Miniseries

Talking Drupal #324 - the New


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