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Issue 513 - November, 18th 2021


CKEditor 5 Is a New Experimental Module Blog: SSH Keys for Are Now Managed Directly on

Hook THEME_ENGINE_init() Is Deprecated

Usage of Isset() in Ternary Operations Replaced with Null-Coalesce

Use of List() Replaced with Array Destructuring

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Design and Philosophy Behind the New Front-End Theme for Drupal

Part 1: Good Drupal Leadership: What to Consider When Implementing Drupal Within an Organization?

Undpaul: Our Highlights of DrupalCon Europe 2021

Visualising Content Models in Drupal

11 Days Until Promet’s Cyber Monday Drupal Training Flash Sale!

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Why You Have to Avoid Custom Code in Your Drupal Website as a Small/medium Sized Organisation


Easy and Effective Content Moderation in Drupal 9 (With an Example!)

How to Create a Custom Drupal 9 Theme in 9 Simple Steps

How to Create Groups Within Drupal Which Can Share Nodes (And Files) Privately

It's Security Update Wednesday - You're Just Chillin'


Commerce 8.x-2.28

Ddev v1.18.1

Drupal 9.3.0-Beta1

layout_builder_component_attributes 2.0.0

Securelogin 8.x-1.12

simple_sitemap 4.0.0

stage_file_proxy 8.x-1.2

upgrade_status 8.x-3.12


Tag1 Consulting: Fred Plais Talks Commerce in Drupal

Talking Drupal #321 - Drupal Diversity & Inclusion

Tag1 Consulting: Reducing Complexity with Preact and HTM with Fabian Franz - Pt. 2


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