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Issue 51 September 6, 2012

The CMI initiative asks for your financial backing, Drupal Association elections, and Drupal 8 developments.


Election Time - 2013 Community At Large Directors

It’s election season for Drupal too! Time to nominate representatives for the Drupal Association board.

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Drupal 8

German WSCCI

Larry Garfield (Crell) delivers the battle plan from Munich about the Web Services and Context Core Initiative.

Help out with Field API for Drupal 8

Funding CMI

Help fund the Config Management Initiative for Drupal 8

Writing PHP files from Drupal

Good explanation of this change in Drupal 8.

Articles and Tutorials

How to Jumpstart Your Programming Career

Good advice for new and not so new developers.

Drupal Icon Fonts

Anatomy of a Full-Featured, Responsive Slideshow

A very nice tutorial with the finished product available as a download.

Understanding How The jQuery Constructor Creates Lots of Extra jQuery Objects

Extend Drupal’s Default Taxonomy Terms Overview Table Listing

Fixing Corrupted Menus

Quick Tip: Clean Up Your Drupal Modules Folder

Great tip. I had to do this very thing this weekend.

Three ways to get Drush on OS X



Puddles is a new Nodejs tool for developers that watches directories for changes similar to LiveReload. When using the Puddles for Drupal module you can make CSS changes on your site without having to refresh your browser.

Custom Formatters - Format All The Fields

Module Monday: Field Redirection

Field Redirection module looks like a great module for redirecting nodes to other pages.

Creating Custom Meta Tags with the Metatag Module

Removing The Fieldset On A Drupal 7 Date Field

Project Review Wednesday: Link Favicon Formatter


Stuart Clark and His Awesome Modules - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Great interview with Stuart Clark where he talks about some really cool modules. Trust me, it’s worth a listen.

Podcast 104: The Last Lullabot Podcast


Drupal for Designers


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