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Issue 508 - October, 14th 2021


Driesnote / DrupalCon Europe 2021

Call for Speakers Is Due 29th October and Event Contribution Opportunities Are Open!

oEmbed Source Plugin Expects a Response Object When Determining the Thumbnail File Extension

Event Organizers: Event Organizer's Working Group - Seeking Board Members and Advisory Committee Members - Submit Your Nomination Today

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A Deep Dive Into the Webform Module for Drupal 8/9

About Drupal 8 End of Life in a Simple Non-Technical Language

Announcing the Calendar Links Token Module

Phpake: A Tool Like Make/Rake Built for PHP

A new PHP tool that might be worth checking out.

Best Drupal Modules for Government Websites

Level Up Your Drupal Skills for a Strong Start to 2022!

With only two more Drupal Developer Immersion classes scheduled for the year, now is the time to register! Check out Promet’s Drupal class lineup for Oct. and Nov., sign up for the class that fits your needs, and count on starting the new year with enhanced skills, confidence, and professional value!

Config Split at DrupalCon Europe 2021

Drupal Personalization Roundup (2014 - 2021)


Drupal Scheduler Module - Easy Planning of Publication

Generating Dummy Drupal Content with Devel & More

T-Shirts for Developers on for the Dev

If you're looking for some new developer t-shirts we have what you're looking for at Check out our newest t-shirts. Want a WeeklyDrop shirt? We have them as well and much more.

How to Improve Drupal Website Performance


admin_toolbar_content 1.3.6

documentation_generator 2.0.1

Drupal 9.2.7

Examples 3.0.3

Filecache 8.x-1.0

Gutenberg 8.x-2.1

Lando v3.4.3

last_login 8.x-2.0

Ldap 8.x-4.2

login_switch 2.0.4

Mapbox 1.0.4

responsive_menu 4.4.2

search_overrides 2.0.3

user_default_page 8.x-2.1

user_default_page 9.0.0

user_expire 8.x-1.0


Tag1 Consulting: Get to Know the Drupal Security Team with Michael Hess: Part 1

Talking Drupal #315 - Wordpress vs Drupal Communities


List Your Job on Drupal Jobs

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Awesome Drupal backend developer (long-term, remote - Europe only)

Infopro Digital Services Limited AnywhereAnywhere

Senior Web Developer/Technical Strategist

National Air and Space Museum Washington/DC/USWashington/DC/US

Back-End Drupal Developer

CivicActions AnywhereAnywhere

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