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Issue 505 - September, 23rd 2021


CHANGELOG: Permissions Can Be Viewed and Edited for One Module or a List of Modules

Drupal Association Board Elections, 2021

Drupal Association Journey: Pedro Cambra: Drupal Association Elections Open for 2021

DrupalCon News: Users & Editors Track: 3 Itineraries for Content Editors, Designers, and Site Builders

DrupalCon News: What to Expect in the Client & Industry Track at DrupalCon Europe 2021

Nonprofit Drupal Posts: September Drupal for Nonprofits Chat: Project Browser Initiative

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An Extensive Study on Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) with Drupal

An Innovative Drupal 7 / Drupal 8 Commerce Solution

Design Tips for Drupal Developers

Event Condition Action - Business Process Modeling in Drupal 9+

Get Hook-Ed on Object-Oriented Programming

Help Links in Drupal Modules

How to Plan a Successful Design Handoff

Meet One of Our 2021 Discover Drupal Students, Abokar Botan

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An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Your Own Custom Drush 9 (And 10) Commands

Bulk Update Content Using View Bulk Operations in Drupal

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The Honeypot Module


better_search 8.x-1.6

build_hooks 3.3.0

config_auto_export 2.1.1

config_export_import 8.x-1.14

config_export_json 8.x-1.8

consumer_image_styles 4.0.2

decoupled_router 2.0.3

Lando v3.4.0

Oidc 1.1.1

openapi_jsonapi 3.0.2

preview_site 1.1.2

Shorthand 8.x-2.4

simple_oauth 5.0.5

smart_ip 8.x-4.2

Subrequests 3.0.2

taxonomy_menu 8.x-3.5

token_filter 8.x-1.3

upgrade_status 8.x-3.11


Tag1 Consulting: Serenity Notes: End-to-End Encrypted Collaborative Notes

Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #312 - DrupalPod

The End of the Road for Drupal 8, Many More Drupal 9 Beginnings


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