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Issue 497 - July, 29th 2021


Drupal 10 Is Planned For June 2022

This isn't "news" but if you are looking to Drupal's future this page is great to review.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Drupal Migration Resources

Drupal 9 Beginners Guide for Web Designers

Introducing the Media File Delete Module

"The media and media library modules have improved Drupal's file handling capabilities considerably, but one oft-requested feature of clients is the ability to remove files from disk when removing the associated media entity. This is where the Media file delete module can help"

Know Someone Who Might Be a Good Addition to the Drupal Community but They Need Some Insight?

10 Links to Help Recruit People to Drupal Careers

New Features and Innovations in Drupal Commerce


AI-Assisted Drupal Development: Testing GitHub Copilot

Configuring Drupal to Be an Identity Provider with SimpleSAMLphp

How to Add an RSS Feed to a Drupal Website

How to Host Your Google Fonts Locally with Drupal

How to Perform a Drupal Security Audit? Overview of the Modules and Libraries

How to Setup the Sitemap Module

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Migrate Drupal WYSIWYG to Paragraphs

Migrating Drupal 7 Files Into Drupal 8 / 9 Media Entities

POST Images to a Drupal 8 Server Ft. JSON:API, Axios, and arrayBuffer

Programmatically Copy Field Data in Drupal 8


config_auto_export 2.0.2

config_export_import 8.x-1.10

config_export_import 8.x-1.9

Context 8.x-4.0

Geofield 8.x-1.34

Layoutcomponents 3.0.1

taxonomy_bulk_actions 1.0.2


Talking Drupal #304 - Voice Content and Usability in Drupal


Drupal Diversity & Inclusion Camp - August 13-14, 2021

Drupal Diversity & Inclusion, an independent working group within the Drupal community, is holding the first ever Drupal Diversity & Inclusion (DDI) camp! Our aim is to bring new voices and important topics together into a relaxed and fun virtual conference.


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