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Issue 491 - June, 17th 2021


Change Records: Fieldset Elements Now Respect the #description_display Option

Change Records: Incorrect Opera Mini (Extreme Data Savings Mode) Support Declaration Removed

Change Records: text_summary Now Correctly Adds Missing Closing Tags When filter_html Is Enabled

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Centarro: Understanding the Drupal Commerce 2.x Address Book

Chapter Three: Drupal & Pretty Paragraphs: Build Better Content with Layout Paragraphs

Jacob Rockowitz: How Are the Webform Module's Open Collective Funds Being Spent?

Aten Webinar: Options for Upgrading Your Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 Site

On Wednesday, June 23rd at 12 pm MDT, join Aten’s Kacie Minner (Digital Project Manager) and Joel Steidl (Director of Engineering) as they discuss what “end of life” really means for your Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 website. You’ll leave with clear information and immediate next steps to help inform your upgrade.

Sergiu Nagailic (Nikro) Blog: Drupal Redirects in Gatsby.JS

SWIS and Drupal Fight for the Trusted Web with WordProof

Understanding Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE)

Tutorials Entity Extra Field Module: Display Blocks & Views Amongst Fields

Lucius Digital: How to Get the 'Image Field Url' from a Referenced Node in a Drupal Twig Node Template

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Web Wash: Generate Twitter Card Meta Tags Using Metatag in Drupal


backup_migrate 5.0.0

block_entity_form 8.x-1.0

block_node 8.x-1.0

config_export_import 8.x-1.3

Docker4Drupal 5.4.33

graphql_metatag 8.x-1.3

html_title 8.x-1.3

image_lazy_loader 2.0.0

jsonapi_extras 8.x-3.18

language_access 8.x-1.6

mail_redirect 8.x-3.1

menu_pager 3.0.1

node_link_report 8.x-1.17

Samlauth 8.x-3.3

scheduled_transitions 2.1.0

taxonomy_bulk_actions 1.0.0

taxonomy_import 2.0.2

views_fieldsets 8.x-3.4


Talking Drupal #298 - Solving and Sharing W/ Matthieu Scarset


DrupalCamp Asheville's Schedule Is Live!!

We are so stoked for our 10 year anniversary! Join us online for 2 days of awe-inspiring training, sessions, and un-conference! The sessions have been confirmed and the schedule is posted. Be sure to grab your ticket soon, registration is open!


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