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Issue 490 - June, 10th 2021


Community Posts: Drupal Community Update - June 2021

Drupal Uses Symfony's PHPUnit-Bridge Polyfills for Forward Compatibility

Menu Links Can Be Buttons

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How Are the Webform Module's Open Collective Funds Being Spent?

Drupal Webinar: Ignite and Accelerate Your Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 Migration

Join Acquia and Cyber-Duck on June 17th (4pm BST) for a FREE webinar and discover best practices for streamlining migration to Drupal 9 and implementing a more effective upgrade process.

Matthew Tift: Drupal as an Ethical Base

Would You Like to Come to My Wedding? - Rachel Norfolk

A nice story about the Drupal community.


Building Secure Drupal Websites with the Password Policy Module

Danny Englander: Drupal 8 & 9 Theming: How to Render and Format JSON Data with PHP and Twig Using the JSON Field Module

Danny Englander: Drupal 9 DevOps: A Recipe for Setting Up Xdebug 3 with Lando and PHPStorm

How to Limit the Taxonomy Terms in 'Exposed Drupal Views Filters', to the Tags That Are Used in Included Nodes, in Multiple Views

How to Prefill a Webform Field Based on the node/URL Being Viewed in Drupal 8 or Drupal 9

How to Set and Get Data with Drupal's 'tempstore' Service | Example Code

[Ebook]Ultimate Guide to Drupal 9

Meet Drupal 9. What can you expect, and how can you prepare for an upgrade? Read this ebook that serves as the ultimate guide in understanding the changes and enhancements made to suit every user, and how you can initiate a seamless migration.

Mapping Google Groups to Drupal User Roles with Google Authentication

Migrate Data from a CSV File in Drupal 8/9

Populating a Taxonomy Field Through a Drupal Migration - Pasan Gamage

Use Multiple Composer Versions Simultaneously


Drupal 9.1.10

Drupal 9.2.0-Rc1

Drupal 7.81

admin_toolbar 3.0.1

autocomplete_deluxe 2.0.0

condition_query 8.x-1.3

Ddev v1.17.5

Drupalmoduleupgrader 8.x-1.7

form_mode_control 8.x-2.0

Geofield 8.x-1.31

Geolocation 8.x-3.7

Graphql 8.x-4.1

Imagemagick 8.x-3.2

Jsonrpc 2.0.5

Keycloak 8.x-1.5

link_target 8.x-1.3

module_builder 8.x-3.19

node_link_report 8.x-1.16

page_metatag 1.0.1

Postcode 7.x-1.3

search_api_solr 4.1.12

simple_gmap 3.0.1

simple_popup_blocks 8.x-2.8

trusted_redirect 8.x-1.8

user_password_limit 1.2.0

user_view_mode 8.x-1.1


Create a Theme Settings Page for a Drupal Theme

Matt Glaman: What Is the Deployment Identifier in Drupal?


Talking Drupal #297 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Holding Ourselves Accountable


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