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Issue 487 - May, 20th 2021


Chaos Tool Suite (Ctools) - Moderately Critical - Information Disclosure - SA-CONTRIB-2021-009

Facets - Moderately Critical - Cross Site Scripting - SA-CONTRIB-2021-008

Gutenberg - Critical - Access Bypass - SA-CONTRIB-2021-007

DrupalCon News: Message from the Program Team

Change Records: Highly Critical Service Advisories Are Now Displayed to Administrators

Change Records: Permissions-Policy Header Is Added by Default to Disable Google FLoC

Community Working Group: Welcome Donna Bungard, Newest Member of the Conflict Resolution Team

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Adding OOP to Your Drupal 7 Refactor

Books/ 31 Days of Drupal Migrations

Component Design in Drupal

Introducing the Filter Format Audit Module

[Drupal Training] Time to Skill Up for Back-to-Normal!

Demand for Drupal skills will be greater than ever now that back-to-normal is not far off. Now is the time to skill up and sharpen perspectives to ensure optimal advantage for the new wave! Check out Promet’s Summer training lineup and select the class that aligns with the expertise you need now.

Matt Glaman: 🥳 Phpstan-Drupal 0.12.10 Out!

Streamlining Drupal Multisite Maintenance with Config

Supporting IE11 While Still Using Modern CSS

To All the Backers of the Webform Module's Open Collective, THANK YOU!


Drupal 9 Upgrade Guide: Auditing Your Codebase

Generate Open Graph Meta Tags for Facebook Using Metatag in Drupal

See You at New Zealand Techweek2021!

New Zealand Techweek2021 is around the corner, and you won’t want to miss the (totally free!) sessions from On 25 May we’ll share insights into what you can do to prepare for a massive surge in traffic, then on 26 May we’ll share how we removed most of the complexity from hosting web apps on Kubernetes, and finally, on 28 May we’ll show you how to develop and deploy Silverstripe on Lagoon. Visit our blog for full details!

Hide Block if No Results Are Returned Using Views in Drupal

The File (Field) Paths Module


Ctools 8.x-3.6

Facets 8.x-1.8

Geolocation 8.x-3.5

Gutenberg 8.x-2.0

language_selection_page 8.x-2.9

Lazy 8.x-3.9

lazy_image_style 8.x-2.9

remove_username 8.x-1.1

simple_html_mail 8.x-1.5

user_history 8.x-1.0-Rc2


Lullabot: 12 Tips for Planning Your Drupal Project

Matt Glaman: Phpstan-Drupal Development


Tag1 Consulting: On 20 Years of Drupal - an Interview with Emma Jane Hogbin


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