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Issue 481 - April, 8th 2021


Drupal Core News: Decoupled Menus Survey Analysis

Drupal Initiative Update - April 2021

DrupalCon News: The Decoupled Menus Initiative Is Hosting a Contribution Hackathon

DrupalCon North America 2021: Keynote Speakers Making a Positive Impact in Open Source and Beyond

Help Build a Decoupled Menu Web Component at DrupalCon

Support for SameSite Attribute on Cookies

The User Module's Flood Control Provides Better Logging and hook_user_flood_control()

YAML Configuration Exports Will Now Use Multiline Syntax

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Achieving the Perfect SEO in Drupal : 2021 Guide

Drupal 9: Some Strategies for Developing Update Hooks

Let’s Mingle! Lando and Lagoon Want to See You at DrupalCon NA

Lando and Lagoon teams have spent the last year refining our integration to give you a fast, fluid full-cycle development and deployment experience – now we’re ready to show it off! Join Michael Schmid ( & Lagoon) and Mike Pirog (Tandem & Lando) at DrupalCon NA, April 13 at 1:50 PM ET in the booth for an inside look.

My (Updated) Drupal Story

Storage Entities: More Elegant Content Modelling Through the Drupal UI


A Simple Guide to a Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 (Or 9) Migration from a Database Source

How to Manage URL Redirects in Drupal. the Redirect Module Overview

Speed Up Drupal Websites by Using PHP's Preloader

[Ebook] Scaling in the Era of Digital Acceleration

Scale done right means more business efficiency, stronger employee collaboration and better customer experience. Find out how to extend the reach of your digital experiences Get real examples on how companies scale with success.


build_hooks 8.x-2.6

Coffee 8.x-1.2

config_export_import 8.x-1.2

config_terms 8.x-1.4

Ddev v1.17.0

Lando v3.0.29

menu_block_title 8.x-1.2

search_overrides 2.0.1

view_mode_switch 8.x-1.1


Alternatives to Acquia’s DevDesktop for Local Drupal Development

DrupalGov2020: 200 Documents in a Single Bulk Upload


Lullabot Podcast: Inside Lullabot's Support & Maintenance Department

Tag1 Consulting: A Deep Dive Into End to End Encryption (E2EE) in Yjs - Part 1

Tag1 Consulting: How to Grow, Support, and Fund Your Open Source Project - with Dries Buytaert - Pt. 1

Talking Drupal #288 - All the Ways

Talking Drupal #288 - All the Ways


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