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Issue 478 - March, 18th 2021


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Demo of Drupal 10 Starterkit Theme Tool and Base Theme, Feedback Needed

DrupalCon News: Wednesday, April 14 - Easy Out of the Box Day at DrupalCon North America 2021

Friday, April 16 - Drupal 10 Readiness at DrupalCon North America 2021

New Starterkit Will Change How You Create Themes in Drupal 10

Demo of CKEditor 5 Core Integration for Drupal 9 Under Development, Feedback Needed

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How to Get Excited About Drupal Again

Composer 2 and Drupal

Drupal 8/9: Facets AJAX Commands

How Many JOINs Is Too Many? Tuning optimizer_search_depth for MySQL with Drupal

An inside Look at Acquia’s Path to Drupal 9

Drupal 9 offers a lot of great functionality, but the move up from Drupal 7 to 9 might seem daunting. If you are still on Drupal 7, or recently made the leap to Drupal 8, you aren’t alone. Get advice from Dries Buytaert, Angie Byron and Tim Lehnen on best practices for migrating. Watch Now!

Personalized Paragraphs: Porting Smart Content to Paragraphs for Drupal

Running Lando from Source

Scrollytelling Using scrollama.js, CSS and Best Practices

To Drupal or Not Drupal… Drupal Versus All Those Other Digital Experience Platforms

Why TEN7 Actively Supports the Drupal Bug Smash Initiative (And Why You Should, Too)


20 Tips for Drupal Database Migrations

Accessibility Hacks to Optimize Your Drupal Site Accessibility Score

Drupal 9 Creating Custom Entities

How to Create an eCommerce Website with Drupal

Improving Drupal's Layout Builder Experience

Migration Custom Source Plugin


Docker4drupal 5.4.28

Ds 8.x-3.11

Metatag 8.x-1.16

module_builder 8.x-3.18

webform_migrate 8.x-1.2


Tag1 - AFT's Share My Lesson: Part 2 - Rapid Growth and Challenges Faced

Tag1 - How to Fund Your Open Source Project: A Talk with Marijn Haverbeke - Part 2

Talking Drupal #285 - Decoupled Menus


MidCamp: March 24-27, 2021

MidCamp 2021 is the eighth annual Chicago-area (now virtual) event that brings together Drupal designers, developers, users, and evaluators. This year brings opportunities to get started with Drupal; to learn, meet, and mingle with the community; and to give back to the project.


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