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Issue 477 - March, 11th 2021


Drupal Core Is Dropping Support for Internet Explorer 11 in Drupal 10

Wednesday, April 14 - Automated Updates Day at DrupalCon North America 2021

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Florida Drupal Camp Highlights

Florida DrupalCamp Is Funding D9, and PHP 8 Support for Phpstan-Drupal

Getting Phpstan-Drupal PHP 8 Ready Starts, Now!

[Free Download!] Get-Started Guide for Drupal SEO

In a digital business climate in which 93% of all web traffic is now via search engines, SEO strategy that leverages every current tool is a critical, competitive imperative. This step-by-step guide presents the foundational SEO advantages for Drupal sites, with recommendations on top Drupal SEO modules and tools to align a site with search engine processes for indexing, crawling, and ranking a site.

My Last Facets Release? - How I Became Maintainer of the Facets Module

On Mistakes and the Tools Needed to Learn from Your Mistakes

"...analyze how the bug was introduced, fix the bug while carefully making sure the changes that introduced the bug is kept, and write some tests that make sure we do not roll out a release that breaks this part of the site again."

Powering On: The Drupal Community Keeps Connected


How to Perform Automated Backups on a Drupal 8 (Or 9) Website

How to Test CSV in Drupal Without Losing Your Mind

Practical Drupal Theming Course

Build your own custom theme while learning the fundamentals of Drupal theming, like templates, Twig, overrides, debugging and more. Get lifetime access and support from the Drupalize.Me team.

Prevent Unsolicited Mass Submissions on Its Drupal 9 (Or Drupal 8) Site

Responsive Image Optimization with Media in Drupal 9


Colorbox 8.x-1.7

config_overridden 8.x-1.2

exclude_node_title 8.x-1.2

Extlink 8.x-1.6

field_display_label 8.x-1.2

gdpr_onetrust 2.x-Dev

Hreflang 8.x-1.4

Letsencrypt 8.x-1.11

Memcache 8.x-2.3

module_filter 8.x-3.2

paragraphs_table 8.x-1.4

Securelogin 8.x-1.9

simple_sitemap 8.x-3.9


AFT's Share My Lesson: Part 1: Building the Largest Online Repository for Lesson Plans

How to Grow, Support, and Fund Your Open Source Project - Marijn Haverbeke - Part 1

On 20 Years of Drupal - an Interview with Fabian Franz

On 20 Years of Drupal...An Interview with Greg Lund-Chaix

Talking Drupal #284 - Iterative Approach to Decoupling


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