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Issue 474 - February, 18th 2021


The 'Live' Workspace Has Been Removed

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87% Cleaner Than Other Web Pages Tested...

A Mini Case Study: How to Rescue an Abandoned/Neglected Drupal Module

Avoiding Drupal Disillusionment: Drupal for the Long-Term

Avoiding the Redesign: How to Constantly Improve Your Drupal Website

Looking to Get Proficient and Confident in Drupal?

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New Drupal Module for Contextual Assistants


Ddev: Execute Commands and Interact with Your Cloud Containers

Drupal 9 Fixes in Composer

[Video] Drupal Content Editing Reimagined

Drupal, but better. See how developers are leapfrogging time-consuming development of page building components with Provus, an Open Source, Drupal platform developed by Promet Source. Check out our quick video animation that shows how Provus empowers marketing teams and content editors with a DIY foundation for design and creativity.

Drupal 9: Cascading Ajax Select Forms

How to Protect Your Drupal Forms Against Bots? Review of the Captcha Module

Managing Editorial Workflows with the Content Moderation Module in Drupal 9


config_export_import 8.x-1.1

Geofield 8.x-1.19

Geofield 8.x-1.20

mail_login 8.x-2.4

modules_weight 8.x-1.9

permissions_by_term 8.x-2.30

redirect_options 8.x-1.5

search_api_solr 8.x-1.9

views_collapsible_list 8.x-1.3


Drupal at 20: Creator Dries Buytaert Shares Lessons from Two Decades as an Open-Source Leader

An Interview with Jeremy Andrews on 20 Years of Drupal

What's the Update on Auto Updates?

Talking Drupal #281 - Olivero Theme

Talking Drupal #282 - Starting a Drupal Career


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